22 December 2011

Channeler: hilarion

I am El and I would like to add my thoughts to this hub of activity.
As I the I find it to be painful from the point of view of the human experience.
In the 3D linear world part of this is what happens when many different and evolving points of view are interacting, within each, and amongst the group.

But I would like you also to consider that viewed from another level these energies, all within all of you actually, are actually the transformation of the stuff of this world, the "stuff" this world is made of.
The pangs, yes I say these are part of the pangs of a whole world screaming for something that they themselves can only register as a muffled sound, somewhere from within, maybe.

When we say they do not know where to turn, we mean they do not have a of other spiritual realities that are available, that they can grasp onto and experience a conscious of growth.
There is basically a lack of concept. Still they will be affected by the changing, outside and inside. However, they will have to bear what some call the discomfort of confusion when you are losing your reference points and have little concept of how to frame what is happening internally or exactly how to reframe older concepts, and this can include beliefs, into newer fresh possibilities, realities that one finds within. Certainly the grapes on the vine are within each ones body.
So do not ever lose heart. Or lose it with your totality and then right after embrace yourself in God, and see if you are not already attaining a degree of freedom.

All will be well, but no doubt all is/are in motion. There is no stop to this now. Pray. Hope. Try. Dream. Love yourself.
You are not responsible for the whole world. Only responsible for one very big and important project, one part of the world, and this is of course you. This is you. Do your work. What is your work? To change this world into that which it is and will be.
How will you change this world? You will make the choice to explore new and unknown possibilities within you. This is your part.
If you want to consciously participate in changing reality. That's the definition of ascension, a changing, changed, and then changing again conscious reality.

I could joke with you but really only want to commend you for exploring so diligently together , during this past year.
You have reaped the benefits in your personal growth.

If you have lost heart, get it back, but ask for feedback from others you truly trust if you feel you cannot find your way. The solutions, meaning a better way, are available within, and that's why sometimes we need reflection from others as it helps us to see better where to try to go within, as we can see a bit better.

He who is as God/Source means he or she who perceives as God/Source. He or she who is having that experience. This is the bounty which lies before us. Persevere.

I recommend you reframe difficulty you may feel within your feelings or mind.
And dont look at it so personally.
Try looking at your state and experience as a mass participation project in the changing energies and realities this world is made of. All of you must feel it. The change. Feel what is happening.
What is happening for some of you is this registration, and the glory of it, is masked by the human energies of you and your world. This is where I do not want you to fall short , short of experiencing. Experiencing is an important part of participation, of registration. Call on the blue ray if you wish, as it is very direct for experiencing and for bridging spiritual distance across and more. Another words, helpful for connection. At least this way you can more readily participate in the feast and not just, or be only limited to the rigors of the spiritual ascent.

I do love you all.

through hilarion
December 21, 2011