8 December 2011


Here are two channelings that flowed through in the past two days, to inspire the gifts of our inner music and to renew the joy and light in our sacred heart centers! Blessings and Love, Marie


Dear One,

It is I, El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame. There is a time of great renewal, replenishment, and a re-surgence of Love on the Planet. Every day, more and more people are coming Home to the Core Heart of All Life within themselves, and with the Mother. This is an invisible yet palpable re-union process. Members of a vast cosmic community are awakening . . . to greater Truths . . . than any military, any bank, any money issue, stress, strain, etc. The Light is calling everyone forward . . . into a New Way of Beingness. Of Being with Self. And Being One with the Whole. The synergy of energies in this area is dramatically changing the spiritual essence of the human landscape. And thus, the physical terrain. The that is calling the Mother back into her own Alignment is also aligned with this synergy of energies. The Harmony of the One is thus Sounding at microdecibels . . . not heard by the human ear . . . but certainly heard by the human heart. As the heart is your conductor, brain, and compass, it is able to read these sound waves occurring and threading through your planetary body . . . and take it within your own. The tune up is thus simultaneous. What happens vibrationally to the earth . . . happens within you as well. The comfort in all of this for you, and every lightweaver and seeder of the rise of this crest of the wave of . . . is that Divine Timing is coordinating the changes in the Earth Mother. The Divine Blueprint is orchestrating her re-alignment. And thus, with a simple intent to be an awake participant, your body and energy field becomes One with that great new Wave of and Ever Increasing Light.

It is a state of inward focus and allowance. Not one of doing. You have passed the precipice . . . of needing to choose now . . . and are in the vibrational territory . . . of allowing All That Is Good and Light . . . to fill you. To fill your Heart Center. To fill your Compass, Awareness, and Divine Circuitry. And in this stage of allowing such a cosmic tune-up, . . . your body will soon sound its new codes within you. Either in songs, or in ways unique to your perfect listening ears. The codes are humming and vibrating themselves alive and on-line . . . within . . . and it is a time right now . . . of feeling . . . with quiet pleasure . . . the mass unfoldment . . . of Divine Re-Alignment. So just because it is quietly happening all over the planet . . . does not in any way correlate to its Divine Strength Power. This is a Sacred Power, necessary in the new dimensions. So listen for it. Tune in within. Intend your conscious beingness to align with it. And to know it. Feel the Frequencies of Light and Sound . . . creating a whole organism symphony . . . starting with the cells in your feet . . . tingling and tinkling their way all the way up to and through your heart center . . . and up and through your star chakra and beyond, into the greater cosmos of Light and Sound.

Every Star in the Sky has its core Sound and Light . . . creating a vast cosmic song . . . that has yet to be heard by humanity . . . in quite some time. [They really downloaded the amazing feeling of this . . . as if the blanket of stars above us each night . . . is truly singing and sounding a lullaby and a symphony of divine sounds to us. The sky was alive with sound! It was so beautiful!] If you picture everything around you having a sacred song, what is it singing? What does it sound like? Hear it playing within you. Know and feel and allow . . . your song. Let it align you, and literally sing and sound you more fully awake. It is a personal keynote, in the grand earthly symphony, and greater cosmic one. Allow these sounds to vibrationally attune all things. Smile and rejoice at the music playing in the All . . . and allow it to shift the global focus in the Hearts of All. Pay attention inwardly . . . to the Songs of the Trees. The Flowers. The Skies. The Rivers. Oceans. Grasses. Mountains. Beaches. And more. Desire to know the Harmonies of the True One Song. Whistling in the breezes. As yet undetectable to many. But they ring loud and clear and true, with Sacred Heart Hearing. This is literally chiming in, and humming, the New Earth. Sound will be the unifier of All . . . at levels hard to imagine now . . . So keep going dear one . . . in your listening for the Sacred Sounds. They are the bread crumbs leading you Home within. Just follow the joy of the Inner Music now. Think . . . if friendship had a song, what would it be? If peace had a song, how would you hear it? If Light had a song, how would you see and hear it? Tune in, and awaken to a vast inner Light Show and Symphony. And attune yourself to the keynotes in all of nature. That is coming ALIVE. She will return . . . through this great sounding ceremony. Allow, embrace, and celebrate this easy flow of new Grace in your awareness. Enjoy its return. It is yet another signal to you . . . that Home IS returning to the Heart of All That Is . . . and the Heart of the Earth . . . and the Heart in YOU.

Be Well, dear one. Listen now. Attune to the Hum of the One. The Song of Songs. The Celestial Symphony of the New Golden Age. It is calling to you. Allow it in.


[One last note to share with you another expansive essence that was felt throughout this channeling. The word “hear” fills the majority of the word “heart”. It was so clear that the heart is wired and perfectly designed to cosmically hear . . . the sound waves of Truth and Light in the cosmos. Our physical ears are perfect as well, for outer sounds. But the sacred essence of the Core Heart . . . is to be our inner ears and inner eyes . . . divinely attuned to the celestial sounds of the One. This was really beautiful for me. I hope it touches your heart as well.]


Dear One,

It is I, Divine Source, Creator of Sun and , and all things on the Earth. There are times in every soul’s life, and development, when the best and only thing to do . . . is to turn and face the Light within. To nearly . . . find oneself . . . walking into its Light . . . as if it were a room in a house . . . and a destination. For you see, it is. The Light is the place where all of my Source Energy resides. It is the loving heartbeat that blesses and loves all things.

In this Light, and Light-filled room, it is a place of inner knowingness. All separations heal and cleanse. And its as if there, you walk with me, in my Heart, in the Garden of Eden, and its energies we all know and love so much. In this place, you are safe, well, and vibrant. It is truly a Divine Place, and we love to spend time there. Sometimes, you do . . . in your sleep and dreamtimes. Sometimes too, in your conscious awake times. In this time, of ever flowing change, that Light Place Within is beckoning you to visit, more often. To reconnect with the Source All-Beingness and All-Oneness that the Light Within knows and deeply experiences. It is a place of inner refuge and soul re-fuel-ment. Evolution is taking a big turn in these times. Its almost a hairpin turn, and at times, seems quite abrupt. That is only for 3D experiential sight. From a larger cosmic viewpoint and vantage point, this change has been under way since the Christing Light of walked the planet. There were many changes occurring atmospherically and soulfully . . . but at a much different pace. You see . . . the Energies of the Cosmos are really always changing. When all is connected in the One, new avenues and future-present events are always co-creating themselves, through Source Essence. That is why the Light Essence, and Room of Light – if you will – Within, is such a beautiful haven. Time spent in nature helps you to reconnect with your Divine Nature. The Pulse of Change in that space . . . slows down . . . to the eternal experience of your Truest Nature. As the Pulse of Change quickens within and around you, remember the Sacred Blessings of this Timeless Chamber of Light Within. It is a portal . . . to walk with me in the Garden of Eden . . . when you are otherwise . . . in any other physical condition. There we can meet, and remember together, the whole reason you are here. To experience the vastness of this Light . . . in a myriad of ways and conditions . . . to truly know it. That you ARE the Light of the World. There are those who have volunteered to play the role of of Contrast . . . or Masters of the Darkness. They are doing this quite well, as an experiential tool, to help others . . . Mastering the Integration of All Light . . . to return Home . . . to this place of Divine Grace Within.

Remember . . . the Cosmos is ever changing, and expanding, through evolutionary experience. The Light is the Thread that weaves in, up, down, and through every experience. Do not resist that which is the core design. But rather, find ways to be this Inner Heart Chamber, within and without, in a state of timeless Trust, Truth, and Light. It is the Pathway Forward now, as much as it is the Pathway Within.

Cosmic Weavers have reconnected with this Inner Sacred Portal, and visit consciously with me often. There – we talk about the challenges of the evolutionary cycle, and return in our Hearts, to the Truth of the Timeless Light and Source Essence in all things. It is a Magic Garden in my Heart . . . where everything has its place . . . and knows its Source Origins and Bliss Again.

and Eve merely represented the journeys every being makes, starting in the Bliss of this Heavenly Garden . . . then seeking knowledge through separation, nakedness, and searching . . . only to ultimately return to the Garden . . . expanded and made whole by the Experiential Wisdom Gained by the Journey. Yet until the full return, it must be known that we visit frequently in the Garden . . . the Garden of my Heart . . . and thus the Source of your Light, . . . for renewal, reflection, respite, and recalibration.

The Codes of Light have always lived within. And of course, they live in your Heart Center, directly connected to Mine. In this expansive etheric space, we are always connecting . . . about the next step in the evolution and expansion . . . and the depths of learning about the Light . . . that are taking place.

So, dear one, as things externally shift in rapid succession now, make time to consciously come visit me in the Garden . . . through the Portal of Light you have within. Go within, and see this Sacred Heart Chamber, filling it with any Light-filled Details, that make our communion welcoming to you. There in that Inner Temple, or Chamber of Light, you can consciously summon me to walk in the Garden of Eternal Truth, Light, Knowledge, and Bliss. And this will be very grounding and helpful to you now. For you will remember . . . who you are . . . and why you came. And you will know . . . that we have never been separated . . . at all. We have always enjoyed the bliss of the fruits and sanctity of the Garden. And this Heavenly Garden Within . . . with everyone who returns . . . is manifesting more and more Without. The rise of green consciousness, oneness, harmony, unity, and more tells you . . . that this Garden Within . . . is speaking through the Core Central Heart that connects us all. Come visit with me, and ground the Light and Remembrance of this Eternal Garden of Eden . . . now made manifest in so many of you again . . . to again manifest outwardly upon the Earth. The gardens are cultivated within first, and this assures the successful manifestation without. For . . . as within . . . so without!

Much love and light dear child. You are loved. You are blessed. You are a holy child of the One. Come home to its True Center. Know this. All my love.