31 December 2011


I’ve been wanting to write an Update for about six weeks, and the moment I begin, something else comes along and whisks me away. Ever since our 11.11.11 Gateway the “being whisked away” has been more and more true. At this point, we are cycling in such rapid and intense evolutionary cycles our days are rapidly met by our nights and it’s hard to tell which day we woke, what planet we’re on and which reality we’re returning to. Sometimes, viewing a morning from an evening might feel like the distance of the time of two weeks. The reality of linear time is no more!

Like many of you, I feel like I could write books about the successions of evolutionary paradigm shifts I’ve walked through in such a short period from the 11.11.11 Gateway, which caught me off guard. I knew it was coming and I sensed massive cosmological alignments around it, but it wasn’t until I was in the 11.11.11 that I realized, “Holy Cow, this is really happening.” From that point on, nothing has been the same. The 11.11.11, in a nutshell, was a gateway giving us such greater access to light codes, the viewing beyond the veil, and really accessing stepping into our new “story,” so-to-speak, than we have ever had before. Walking through the 11.11.11 was such a KAPOW experience of forward momentum into the new potentials! And then . . .

. . . and then we had spiritual whiplash or backlash or whatever you want to call it. It’s like we tasted the “new for” and the “what how” of , just enough to tantalize us and then we did the bungee jump back into all the old unfinished business. We didn’t do it just a little; it was like a full-body and full- submersion into some really old shit (for lack of a better word), giving us a full landscape view of the choices one more/last time.

For me that meant a whole tour through some old landscapes, requiring me to make not just mental decisions about old stories, but it seemed full-body karmic stepping out of the old body suit of lifetimes and really full-body, full-spirit choosing to walk in the New Paradigm, the New World, the New Shift. The first set of choices arrived when the battery on my truck konked out. The frosty morning I sat in my ’s seat, turning the ignition key, trying to coax the engine to turn over felt eerily reminiscent of Spirit nudging me to consider something I wasn’t conscious about. At the moment, I was more concerned about the physical aspect of “Damnit, please start, I have some place to go!” Yet, through the process of obtaining and installing a new battery, it came to light that I had some serious “battery draining clearing” to do in my life. My spirit was ready to break through to some new levels and I couldn’t do it by letting the battery drainers hook on and pull from my chakras. It seemed lifetimes of allowing others to use me suddenly came to light and I began unhooking and unhooking and unhooking. Remarkably, I breathed better and I felt power flowing into my body that I didn’t know I had! This was the energy helping me break through to a new level that I tantalizingly smelled in such a cathartic way.

The next round of Old World stories arrived in the form of the patterned energies of the crucifixion cycle and betrayal. Since 2006, I’ve been aware of the deeper levels of the energy truths concerning the Reptilians, their planting of holograms at the base of the cross, usurping a story about Christ and the crucifixion for their own purposes to wield guilt, shame, sin, victim hood, untruths and more as a way of holding power on the planet and draining us of our own natural, God-given empowerment (this is another story for another time). The aspect of it that I had not directly made my conscious choices about was the aspect of betrayal. Mostly, I’ve dealt with betrayal through sloughing it off with denial and just plain shoving aside and ignoring it. I just don’t want to believe that anyone would betray me.

So, yes, betrayal very clearly arrived and even innocently arrived concerning the dynamics of a group of people whom I thought had my best interests at heart within a community connection. Whether they were aware or not, or intended it or not, I found myself in the middle of a situation that created a betrayal for me (or probably more accurately, I created the betrayal situation). It was so blatant, so profound, and yet I had enough of a buffer zone, I could clearly clearly see the choices.

So, one beautiful blue-sky day, as I drove up Farmington Hill Road, I allowed the situation to roll through me. I’m not going to lie — it hurt my heart. It was incredibly painful, letting me know this connected through lifetimes. Yet, I knew with all the I’ve experienced, especially in the last three years, I wanted to side-step any suffering I could. So, my first choice was, “F***, this hurts! But I absolutely refuse to participate in any self suffering or self – sorriment.” Once I made that distinguishment the rest flowed as I looked back over the valley and Durango and a wave of emotion rolled through. I sent love to this group of people. I sent forgiveness to this group of people. And I told Spirit out loud, “Let me out. I choose to remove myself now and from any past, present or future karma with these people in this crucifixion betrayal pattern. Whether or not they understand what is occurring, I clearly choose not to participate any longer in this.” The moment I made my choice and said it out loud, I looked back over at Durango and I energetically saw a puff of energy mesh-like smoke release out of the center of town and float up, out and away. I felt so much better after that.

Then, for several weeks, Spirit walked me through one perceptual shift and experience after another about how the pattern of the crucifixion cycle holds so many humans on the planet in their own personal prisons, their own dis-empowerment, their own suffering. I felt like I was given the code to the lock and cracked it. I experienced a sense of pisst-off euphoria: Pisst off about the pattern and euphoric that we can all consciously break it! Hallelujah, I had broken free and could see how close we all are to cracking through this hell of a human spiritual encasement.

About the time this was all culminating, I experienced a great sense of clarity that when or if we can set aside our suffering (which is dis-empowerment) as we experience pain; and track the pain deep within our body and soul, then we give ourselves the openings to experiencing great self love at our depths, giving rise for transformation and healing. As these cognitions arrived, Bob serendipitously sent me a beautiful video about child birth and birthing from different perspectives than just the pain:

I posted the video to and there were several comments/points from this that came out I’d like to share with you:

“Can’t get the child birth video I posted earlier off my mind. Has morphed to thoughts of . . . if we really embrace our pain, not as suffering, but an opening to go deep and be in a space of vast self love . . . Transformational? Shifting our selves from a limited space into an unlimited potential?” – Dana Shino

“It really brings to question the framework of the “crucifixion” cycles on the planet where suffering is the accepted norm, which limits our ability to tap our unlimited potential. Suffering cuts us off from larger choices. When we choose to feel the pain without the suffering and turn towards our breadth of Universal power . . . WOW.” – Dana Shino

“This is interesting Dana . . . and it brought a thought to me this morning while I watched the eclipse. During labor there’s a time called “transition” which is at the very end . . . right before you actually give birth. This is the most mind-numbing pain of “I can’t go on, wanna quit now” feeling. It only lasts for a short time, but is seriously a time where you think you will “break” mentally. When that passes, comes the miracle. It reminds me of the feeling many of us have right now, how we truly are “in transition”. . . but shortly it too will transform. Hmmm…. 🙂 )” – Gina Phillips.

By this point, we were all arriving on the doorstep, the prophetic day of the 12.12.11. As I moved through the personal discussions I was having with Spirit about pain, suffering, betrayals, the crucifixion cycles and God knows what else, one morning I woke to the distinct sensation that I had thoroughly completed everything, and I mean everything I had come to the planet to do. It was as though my completion of Soul Contract was hanging out before me with a big sensation of “Done.” Now, being a Virgo, I love to cross things off my list and put a big completed check mark beside them, but this was a little to “done” as far as I was concerned. As I walked the dog that morning, up and down the gravel road, I went over and over what this might mean. If I’m done with my soul contract does that mean it’s time to leave the planet? It didn’t feel like that. For as many times as I’ve wanted to leave, this feeling of completion made me want to actually stay on the planet. There was something hanging in the air of “things are just beginning to get revved up good.”

Then we passed through the 12.12.11 with our first “12″ light codes for the 2012 period. I thought the 11.11.11 had been magnificent and paramount – and it was, but this gateway stepping into the 12′s was beyond anything I had ever thought of or experienced. As we walked through it, light codes, power, knowings, the disintegration of veil superseded everything in physical living. Honestly, the 12.12.11 was the handing of a Light to all of us. And on that day, I happened to be doing a remote written channel for a woman and in it, there was a universal channel for all of us. Spirit got all up in my grill to post it — so I did to Facebook. Here is what came through for all of us:

“So – with the new 12:12 codes, amazing gateways are open to us now that weren’t here before. This came through in a channel yesterday from an intergalactic Star Family that I really want to share with everyone: ‘. . . The 12.12.11 that you are crossing through is powerful and now is the gateway of all gateways of Star Families connecting with their loved ones through space and time. Your planet will turn beautiful blue and green again with great light like so many of you dream. We hear and feel your hearts aching. We hear and feel your prayers for a better way of life, a better way of living on such a beautiful planet. We are here to assist all of you during this powerful time . . .‘”

And with that, we passed through into the new 12:12 codes that we will be working with through and into 2012 and more and beyond. I don’t know about you, but since the 12.12.11, I’ve experienced a powerful and profound affect of my personal power combining with my heart’s passion for creating at levels I’ve never experienced. From the Universe/Spirit, as if to show me it was working, I had a deeply negative experience that’s been brewing for three years finally manifest through into one of my greatest positive, empowerment creations ever. (Yay!)

And three days after that, as I was on the energy table during a session, Spirit revisited me saying, “Remember, you can have Recall of the event of losing Kenyan,” which I most certainly did not think I wanted. It turns out, however, that I did. And after a juggernaut of messy crying, releasing blocks out of the body, Spirit shifted me through into the amazing experience of revisiting my emergency surgery from the 360 degree vantage point above the room. I felt the amazement of the grace, power, love, awareness and light. I saw about four light beings hanging with me above the surgery and when I looked down, I saw two to three light beings with each surgeon and technical support person in the room. I saw how I had been spit up out of my body through my heart chakra and I was only holding by a silver line between my light cloud/sphere and my body through my heart chakra. I “knew” from this space that I had died and the surgeon never told Bob or myself. Coming back to this life truly was/is miraculous. Though I came back from physical death in that room, I could also see I had deep soul contract work to do as I was on life support for 36 hours (the deep ancient whale beings who held space with me). I understood from this space that there was no way that Kenyan had contracted to stay in this world. His experience and connection with me in that form was complete as he left my body. This has helped give me more human closure to our experience. I could also “see” from that vantage point that the first reason I came back to this life was and is Bob. I saw and understood many other things from this space that I might eventually write about, but I can tell those of you who asked me “if I saw the light?” that well yes, now I have.

As these two major events impacted my life in the middle of season, the tinsel of the 3D world seemed completely illusory and irrelevant. is a funny story we tell ourselves about fat men in red suits and reindeer with red noses who fly and killing trees (our friends) to decorate them for the name of the season. Really, the true nature of needs to live year round without the tinsel and not just once a year. As Bob and I wrapped and packed gifts for relatives, I literally floated on the “high” of heart’s desire empowerment and the lit up world of multidimensional light. Through these experiences I am now looking through perceptual filters of 2012 I’ve never imagined.

So, I’ll tell you what I recently told an individual in session about “what is up and what are we doing for 2012.” Essentially, there really is nothing “to do” for 2012 except stepping into and fully choosing the elevated empowered light experience that is here for us. The Light Gateways are so profoundly open at this point you can’t barely miss them — you’d have to try really hard too miss them, if you know what I’m saying. Ultimately, 2012 is filled with more power, more light, more potential than I have ever seen on the horizon — and it is here for us to use, to tap, to experience, to engage with at any given moment.

Those of you who have been with me since the get-go know that I saw visions of horrendous fore-tellings in the fall of 2007. Gradually, those have shifted each month, each year and we, as a human consciousness race, have literally shifted off titanic disasters, epic struggles and collapse. Though the horizon does look dark and foreboding at this point, at the apex of our government stripping nearly every civil right we have, our free speech deeply threatened and major media spoon feeding us with crap and the international bankers setting everything up in their favor and FEMA camps being activated and the being threatened and Mother Earth maxxed out . . . it doesn’t look good. But, for the first time, I can say that we are at the epic point of choosing our transformation. The imminent collapse is in the potentials of transformational healing. And this goes back directly to what I wrote about earlier in this article about pain. We might have some very deep and difficult decisions ahead of us — but I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the light wind is in our sails, the tide is turning for our grassroots level consciousness efforts, the clock is ticking out for the powers that “were” (as David Wilcock likes to term), and we are truly at the helm of the ship, even if we don’t know it. If events befall you in the coming year that you have absolutely no power over . . . you still have a choice. You have the choice of offsetting the suffering and going deep within the pain (if pain occurs) to access the eternal love, the eternal light within your eternal soul and connect through to the Gateway of Light and transformation — we all have the choice to walk through. What you need to know is that we might look helplessly upon the national and international scene, but at home, you still wield your personal power of choice of light and consciousness and this is your power. At any given moment you have the choice of stepping through the Gate of Light into the powerful 12:12 codes of the New Time. As our evolutionary cycles move ever-more rapidly, be cognizant of the space you keep, the company you keep, the resonance you keep, the light ships you call in, the spiritual guidance you beckon. This is your movement through into a new space and time that we have not imagined yet that is dawning. It is beyond 3D into a New World. This is the personal choice you can make for the global choice in building our New World of Light.