6 December 2011

Channeler: 's Daughter of

Expansion has many layers – like a reverse, invisible onion. As you shed past memories, energies, events from your life, layers of light get superimposed all over and around you, like petals. They act like gateways.

You see, as you expand or broaden personally through your inner work, layers get added to other areas of your life.

In the that you make with people. Not the quantity, but the quality. It is like you can be in a crowd of thousands, and zero-in on the right person instantly. The one who can help you. Or the one who needs your help. who, on the surface, is very different than you, but with whom you share a special bond, a shared , that allow you to understand each other perfectly. Language does not matter here, for energies have a way of making themselves understood.

For example, as you expand the of self: who you are as a spirit, your strengths, your boundaries, your standpoint, your mission, all the various experiences of your life get pieced together like a puzzle assembling itself in front of your eyes. Sometimes, often, the sequence of events get rearranged, making the purpose or lesson of each life experience crystal clear.

By that We mean that you see a logic, a flow, a connection between all the events in your life. You see a progression. All the joyful events in your life become an infinite source of , strength and high vibrations to remind you how it feels to live from the heart. To see life through the eyes of Love. Realize what makes people act the way they do, help them alleviate their suffering and put a twinkle of love in their eyes.

And clarity and peace rise out of the challenging, painful and heartbreaking events in your life. Not necessarily all at once, but you start to see beyond the events. Beyond the acts, the words and the energy and how they made you feel, to uncover what that particular event helped you learn or remember… or even teach another.

Still, sometimes it can be challenging to look beyond the hurt, even as you expand.

It may not be easy to view traumatic events with neutral eyes. You may need to relive or review these events in our minds a few times before all the density is removed. Each time releasing more. But it is part of the expansion.

If you are new to the process of memory clearing, it is always best to be guided by someone you start in the beginning. Someone you trust and can help you make sense of it all. To make the experience safe and fruitful.

It is like riding a bicycle. Most people start with training wheels. With someone to push them to get them going and even run with them for a while. It was important then to have someone there in case you fell… Because most (all) of you did. And once you can pedal and stay in balance on your own, it is the most freeing feeling in the world!

And learning to ride a bike does expand you world. A friend seemed to who live really far when you had to walk seems just a few pedal strokes away.

The is laughing because she was a late rider. If she remembers well, she only learned when she was about 8 years old.That fact, which used to be a source of slight shame now makes a lot of sense. It is actually funny, because We have shown her many things that made her realize that what seemed "late" for most, was actually the perfect time for her.

Learning about yourself is fun (smile).

And once you have learned to shed the denser memories from someone who knows how to do it properly, you will have the tools and the knowledge to do the rest by yourself. Always knowing you can reach out for help whenever you need it.

Holding on to the anger, the pain, the hate ingrained in the memory of past events may be a problem for some. Like letting it go and forgetting all involved will somehow "diminish" it, especially situations that were unjust, unfair, illegal, inhumane. As challenging as forgiving these things may be, you owe it to yourself to free yourself of the chains of the past. Forgiving does not make what happened "okay", it just removes the hold these events have had on your life.

Still, for some forgiving yourself of others will be quite challenging because of a different reason, somehow you feel these dense emotions fuel you, drive you to bring about change.

Maybe so, but it also ads on a hazy layer to your energy, alters your vibrations in a way. Draws some people or situations to you that you do not wish to attract. If you are still holding on to hurts/wrongs of the past (done by you or to you), remnants of that energy stays stuck to you, impeding your progress and expansion, distorting your vibrations.

Also be aware that obsessively focusing or replaying in your mind one or several happy events can also cause you to get stuck in a loop, and prevent you from creating new ones.

Imbalances of any kind – too much of one thing, or not enough of another – are never a good thing. One should always strive for personal balance.

You may be spirit, but you job is here on Earth, and you must be able to function in this world. Well, these worlds to be more precise. The world as you perceive and experience it, and the world as the majority or mass perceives and experiences it. For instance, meditation is wonderful, but if you meditate so much that you find yourself unable to function, interact and connect with others on this Earthly plane, how are you going to fulfill your life mission?

When you live in balance, shed all that no longer serves you and expand as a being/spirit, your life, your work, your friends, your relationships, everything expands accordingly.

Expansion is the most incredible thing, especially in how it changes how you perceive the ordinary. Your life can take very interesting turns just by having a regular day.

You may be sitting in your car, returning home from errands and suddenly tell yourself, out loud: "My life is fantastic, and so am I!" And that feeling stays with you.

Even if your Earthly life is far from perfect.

This happened to the Messenger a few days ago, and she is still amazed how that statement just made her feel like she would burst into light! And that feeling remains, like an inner pillar of infinite strength and love.

Expansion is all about trust. Self-trust. To expand one must take many leaps of faith. And one must trust in his or her to get to the other side or land "in the void" safely. Excitement, potential, nervousness and joy in the jump. No fears nor doubts.

It is about allowing yourself to be all you can be, and release all past memories to have room for the now.

There are a lot of uncertainties in this world, but when you know you stand on solid ground and are centered and connected, you just know that everything will be okay.Even if some sacrifices or releases are asked of you along the way.

Expansion is not the end in itself, it is the beginning of your spirit's true work here on this Earth. You get clear insight, and you become clearly visible to all who need to encounter you, even if they live on the other side of the World.

And so your work begins…

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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