12 December 2011


Dear ones we come to play and to ask when you last played? For the way of illusion is to take that which elevates your vibration and hide it in full view yet make you blind to it. We ask where the magic has gone and we that you have lost your way. For the way of children is to play and to laugh and to BE yet the way of adults is to concentrate and to work and to work and have no play. This will lower the vibration you hold and keep you from that which your desires, so lost in work and lower density emotions. For adults do not play like children play and it saddens us. For we are the Faerie Realms and we come to and support all as all begins to change and to move for all across the planet earth.

Where once we heard laughter now we hear silence and we are concerned that the life of adult humans is one of trudge and more trudge. The festive season is upon us and yet many are now more in despair than ever before. We are here to move your through the illusion of consuming and to show you the and laughter of BEing that exists below all the tinsel and the false gods. For your god is not one that tells you to purchase and work and purchase, your god is your higher self who knows you inside out. Connect with the higher self, move into the heart and sing dear ones for the heightening of vibration will see soar and you will fly high in the sky. Such is the vibration of fun and laughter and that is why illusion teaches you not to laugh but to cry. For many would fly should they find their inner child and laugh and play as they did when little.

We are the Faerie Realms and we walk with you each step of this your human life journey, a journey for many that is turning into a dark trudge along a dark highway filled with ghosts of the past and ghosts of the future, for you create dear ones and we are here to put the stardust back into your creations. For how can you create if you do not dream, how can you dream if you do wish and how can you wish if you do not play. For playing is a major part of the human life experience if it was not so then why would your children do this automatically? Look to the children around you for clues of how to move through the festive season. Detach from the consuming and the perfect and look to self, move to the heart and feel the joy in the turning of the seasons, for much is to be found by journeying inwards. How can you know what the heart sings if you do not listen?

If you do not run and skip how do you know what lightness of BEing is? If you do not take time to BE how do you know who you are? For many are now lost in the confusion of what the festive season is and should be and many are now trudging down a dark highway convinced that all is lost. Allow us to brighten your path for it costs nothing to smile and to laugh but everything to those around you. For where you have lightness of walking, where you have lightness of BEing you have joy and that is worth its weight in gold. For joy will see you light up the life of another human and that human will then light up the life of another and so on, the beacon of light that you search for is within you dear ones, so focused on the darkness in front of you you fail to see that which is within you.

For illusion has turned the lights off, so sure that all those who walk within it will have forgotten how to turn the lights back on. Do you remember? Do you remember dear ones the light that shines brightly within you? it is to be found in your heart, for you heart was seeded with and that shines brightly out into the world. Look not the physical but to the emotional for joy is found in FEELing and not in consuming.

Many are now beginning to see the light dimly and we guide strongly that the faintest light be concentrated on, for the shadows recede even in the darkness night. Many are now struggling to see that which is in plain view, so hidden are the talents and gifts that they are they cannot see, for darkness has wrapped veils so tightly around them they are both blind and deaf to TRUTH. The true spirit of the festive season is for that is the emotion that will free you from the veils of darkness. just IS dear ones, it is to be found all around you, it is in a childs smile, it is the warm smile of a stranger walking past you, for in TRUTH there are no strangers, all just reflections of self. Where you see a frown we guide for you to pour and compassion through your BEing and place joy in the heart of your fellow humans. needs no batteries, needs no replacement parts for IS. It is the laughter of the child that wonders at the snowflakes, it is the warmth of an open fire when you step in from the cold outside. It is the KNOWING that you are loved and that you are you. For all are loved, more so than they will ever know for the heart is seeded with TRUTH and all realms send and compassion across the planet. For mother earth is changing in vibration and this is reflected in the lives of her children.

Where you see sorrow replace it with joy, where you find darkness replace it with light and do this each and every time. For many the road is a dark one with no map, yet the map to the future is within you, it is contained in the wishes and dreams that you harboured as a child and that illusion taught you to ignore. For all are one and all are blessed and all just are dear ones. Such is the teaching of illusion that many feel abandoned and let down. This is the illusion dear ones, for to give shelter to the teachings of illusion is to walk in darkness.

For many our words will trigger as they are wrapped thickly in veils yet within our words is the freedom that their soul cries out for. Those who feel they are in jail are in illusion for freedom is here and it is within reach. To reach freedom we guide for you to become light as air, we guide for you to smile and to allow the joy that is to penetrate the coldness that has crept up on you. For illusion teaches cold and dark where there should be lightness and joy. All changes and all moves and that which dissolves in your human life was never TRUTH.

We are the Faerie Realms and we come to guide and to support and to show lightness of BEing, for many who are triggered we ask what harm there is in moving to laughter and to joy, has illusion not worn you out with work and work and more work? Is there no change to being human that is not different? We ask for you to move into the heart, that is all. Illusion asks that you are perfect and that you conform, we know this is impossible for humans are just that HUMAN, no human is perfect and no human ever has to conform for each are unique and individual and that is all that is asked. We do not ask you to done capes for you are not superheroes you are flesh and blood and we honour this. We ask that YOU honour YOU and that you pour love and compassion through your very being. For you have walked a long road and you have been taught you walk alone, we are here to show you that you have NEVER walked alone and we are here to walk with you as are all realms.

Do not cry over what has been dear ones, cry for the joy of being alive, cry for the wonder that is front of you and cry for the ability to see TRUTH, for TRUTH anchored is freedom and all move towards that as we communicate. Each tear releasing the pain and trauma that illusion taught you to store. When released lightness of being is felt which can produce more tears, laughter is at the end of the process, laughter and joy at being alive and being free. We guide all who are in pain to allow the healing to begin. Look at the world through the eyes of a child again. Where you find brick walls and rules then allow them to dissolve, see the madness in the human condition that teaches that all must have “same”. Allow this to be shown to you for the illusion that it is. You cannot have “same” when all are different.

All run fast yet fail to realise what they run to, so sure that illusion is correct and that life is something to be endured. Life is what you create and dear ones life created with laughter is always lighter than life created from sorrow. The sorrow is taught by illusion as the default setting of human experience, we are here to guide you to TRUTH, for all is wonder, all is amazement if you allow the veils to drop and TRUTH to be shown to you.
We ask that you move into your heart and to radiate the LOVE that IS clearly across the planet, for the level of LOVE on planet earth is increasing from moment to moment as more and more humans realise TRUTH. Children are you, you are a reflection of them and they are a reflection of you, how bright and full of fun are your children?

We are the Faerie Realms and you will find us out and about, we live in the trees, in the plants and we dance around you when you are in nature. For those who live in the cities we are found in the plants on the way to work and the plants in your offices, for we are the tinkling of the bells that you sweep past, we are the air that rushes to greet you and put the redness in your cheeks when out walking. We are the softly falling leaves that fall to the ground and crunch beneath your feet. For we are you and you are we, for all are one.

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