Message from Archeia Charity
Channeled by:
December 12, 2011

Oh precious it is always perfect timing when you make a point to delve into your inner selves and learn all the marvellous things that make you so individually unique. During this investigative moment, you will come across areas about yourself you may have been avoiding for one reason or another. There comes a time precious when avoidance can no longer be tolerated. And this decision comes from you, through the gentle guidance of your guides that are always with you, assisting you whenever you call either verbally or through your mind with quiet thoughts. You are always heard. When and only when you are truly ready, you will see that what once was in your life is no longer necessary and actually harmful to your spiritual . You will see the to change and move forward and into more Light and Lovingly ways that speaks truth, love and . During this time you will automatically be able to accept all that has happened; either caused by you or to you. You will know when to do this acceptance; you will feel the deep inside you that will tell you. You only to listen to love that is coming from God through to your precious ones.

This is a big step and you must do this on your own. This does not mean you will be alone, just means no one can do this for you. You are brave and very courageous. You have gracefully moved through your life with all the twists and turns and come out even stronger than when you began. Your guides will be with you and so will I if you call for me. When you are able to accept all that you learn that makes you so wonderfully special, all the wrongs and all the good; then you will move onto . It is you precious hearts that choose when all this is to take place. There is no calendar or schedule to keep. You progress on your own TIME. No rush or pressure ever. These are big achievements that reach many levels of your spirit body and must be undertaken when you are ready and not before.

When you are ready, you will feel and overwhelming amount of love coming from God, preparing you to forgive. Not only to forgive yourself but to forgive others. Forgiveness is healing precious hearts. The words you express during the times you are being forgiving, you are not required to be in front of the person whom you are forgiving. You are verbally saying the words which will free your spirit from the event that you are forgiving which will help move you along your path with more light, peace and harmony. Many precious hearts find writing a letter, sealing it and then burning it is helpful as they get the words and feelings out and closure is met. The method you choose to forgive is your choice as long as it is heartfelt and sincere. Being able to forgive the ones that have caused you pain is a huge act of love, compassion and shows a vast amount of merciful kindness.

All people of this fine Earth, no matter what they have done are children of God and deserving of forgiveness, light and love. I do know not everyone is at this stage of their spiritual growth; when they are ready, I will be there beside them. Do not fear the tears that will flow when you are going through these stages. The tears will cleanse you from the low derived from the events you have just forgiven. When you feel yourself moving forward into even more positive light, you will know in your heart you did the right thing. There will not be any second guessing.

As you move forward from accepting all the glorious parts that make you uniquely special and from being mercifully forgiving you will feel love flow freely and boundlessly from your heart; feeling light as air and untouchable. Through all the self-discovering, you might have picked up on the negative results from being judgmental of others. This is not God’s way. God does not judge any of his children. You are seeing from new eyes from being reborn that all the people you are coming into contact are at different places, both spiritually and personally; yet no one is better than the other. You are learning everyone deserves respect for their beliefs and for where they are at.

All this learning, wisdom being gained is Divinely precious hearts. You will find moments in your life where you will have reflect, work on acceptance again, and forgive. These are not one time endeavours that aid your growth and development. Trust in your intuition to know when it’s time to look deep again. When you are moving through a transitional and transformational period, it’s imperative you practice self-care. Your energy can become drained from the overflow of emotions that can evolve. Find ways that help calm you and keep you grounded. Include positive self-talk precious ones using I AM affirmations.

My time spent today with all you through your sister was incredibly wonderful. I have not spoken through her often, but I will come through again. Live through your hearts precious ones and love, love, love.

May my love always reach you and fill your heart with overflowing light and love to heal yourself and to share with others,

Archeia Charity through Julie Miller