Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Tuesday, 1 November, 2011  (posted 7 December, 2011)  

The concept of time gets a lot of attention in the third dimension, whether it’s trying to hurry, get things done, be where we need to be at a specific time or doing what we can to minimize the effects of aging on our body and appearance. We define ourselves in terms of our age, young, middle aged and elderly. Our view of life, our potential, power and possibilities revolves around different aspects of time, what we have time to do and what we manage to accomplish, as well as age and aging. This comes from our social programming, which views time as the enemy, something that we have to work against, cannot and that we are victims of. No matter what we do, time flies by and we can do nothing to stop it. That is true but there are many other options available to us, depending on our dimensional perspective, beliefs, and how we use our power.

There are three levels to our relationship with time and how we interact with them depends on many factors, all of which we are in control of because while we can’t control time, we do have influence over how we it.

In its most basic form, time is whose is directed by our perspective because while there are 24 hours (or so) in a day and the earth revolves around the sun every 365 (or so) days, time is much more fluid than we think it is. Have you ever been in a boring meeting or doing something you didn’t want to do and time seemed to drag on and go by very slowly? On the other hand, you can be doing something you love or with someone you enjoy being with and time goes by very quickly or you do not notice time going by. Because time is not a fixed element, it is an energetic experience.

Our first level relationship with time has to do with its more dense aspects because the experience of time at this level is through density. What we know as the fast or slow movement of time depends on our level of energetic vibration and what we think, believe or feel about time in that moment. And at this level of vibration we view time as our enemy, we never have ‘enough’ time or time goes by too quickly, opportunities pass us by and we don’t have time to pursue our opportunities—we either aren’t ready or it is not the ‘right’ time. That’s because we are not focused on time itself, but an .

At this dimensional level of time we are also aware of ourselves as finite, limited beings because we see time as a limitation instead of simply an aspect of the earth and the third dimension. With this perspective time is totally out of our control and we are always working against it because we think it works against us. All we need to do to make friends with time and learn to use it to our advantage is to move into another dimension of perspective.

As we begin to see ourselves as co-creators and become aware of our limitlessness, time evolves into and we begin to realize that there is a flow to and outcome that overrides the limitations of time. We see this as a blessing when there is a synchronicity and flow with events that bring us what we want. But it is not a pleasant when timing becomes lessons in patience as we wait for our intentions to manifest or we can’t make things work out within our immediate needs, no matter how hard we try.

Timing is a function of outcome first, and time second, because once we work with timing, we have set an intention for an outcome and the movement of time is part of that process but does not govern it, unless we get into doubt, fear and confusion. Then we forget about timing and become aware of time, as in how long things take to manifest and this drags out the process even farther. We either experience timing as a lesson in patience, which is the material or third dimensional viewpoint, or as a journey into divine timing, which is the opportunity to see how intention, energy and outcome meet in the most perfect way and create the most perfect outcome, which may be beyond what we intended. With timing we get out of our own way but there is another, even higher dimension in which we can experience time or more accurately, in which time no longer exists.

Our next dimensional evolution moves us into timelessness, where time loses its influence and power in our life because we no longer view density as a limitation to creation. This doesn’t mean that all of the clocks on the earth will stop working, it means that we are fully in the flow of intention and manifestation, fully in faith and trust and know that intention always leads to manifestation without worrying about how long that does or does not take. With timelessness we are flowing, fully aware of our role as co-creator in our life and for the world.

We no longer measure the results of our miracles by how ‘long’ they take but know that every aspect of manifestation participates in the process, from the moment our thought is created to the moment when we enjoy our manifestation. Time is a factor in these because we are third dimensional beings which includes time as one of its aspects but it is not the only one or the most important one. The delay that can be so frustrating, for example, when we want something to happen quickly, can be a blessing when we need a little extra time to finish something.

We send the Universe mixed signals when it comes to time which we see as patience and frustration but the Universe is very inflexible (and that’s a good thing) because it works with the energy of flow, creating the most perfect result or outcome based on the energy we put into our manifestation. If we want a different outcome, we need to start with different energy.

Our shifting relationship with time is just another aspect of our ascension journey, as we see ourselves as co-creators and not as victims of time or timing but being in the flow of our Highest Good at all times and in all things.

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