By Mary Lynn Plaisance


Yet another eclipse. There have been more this year than I can remember. I MISS Danbro~A very good astrologer from ! We loved talking about eclipses. Both of us said we were eclipse magnets…Interesting for me at 18 degrees of ..

This year's second total lunar eclipse on Saturday (Dec. 10) will offer a rare chance to see a strange celestial sight traditionally thought impossible.

Ringside seats for the lunar eclipse can be found in , Hawaii, northwestern , Australia, New Zealand, and central and eastern Asia. Over the contiguous and , the eastern zones will see either only the initial penumbral stages before moonset, or nothing at all.

Over the central regions of the United States, the moon will set as it becomes progressively immersed in the Earth's umbral shadow. The Rocky Mountain states and the prairie provinces will see the moon set in total eclipse, while out west the moon will start to emerge from the shadow as it sets.

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It's a and eclipse (Dec 10/11th, 2011) to shake us awake mentally, physically and spiritually. Sun and Moon are at 18 Gemini and , two mutable signs of ever expanding perception. At the , there's often an illumination. With anchoring planets in earth signs, and Mars aspects to the Moon's Nodes, the revelations could be a whole body experience.

The Gemini-Sagittarius line of is freeing, mentally stimulating, quick. Electrifying Uranus stations direct to add high voltage and unpredictability to the day. Perhaps you're someone who thrives on the chaos of change? Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) adapt gymnastically to a world in flux. Great discernment is critical here to know when to act, and when to wait until the pieces stop flying around in the dispersing erratic winds of Gemini at the Full Moon.

Here's the chart for the Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon. The Sun-Moon are always closely aligned to the Moon's Nodes at eclipses, since this point is where the Moon's path intersects with the Sun's path (the ecliptic). The Nodes are also known as the Dragon's Head (North Node) and Tail (South Node). The Head is where nourishment for evolution comes in, and the Tail is where the waste or inessentials are excreted.

Jumping on that view of the Nodes, and with an energizing Mars (Virgo) square, the message is about filtering and letting go of random, though fascinating tidbits. Gemini is Mercury's sign, and the planet of messages is now in fiery Sagittarius, along with the Sun and North Node or Dragon's Head. A source of inspiration now are ideas, people, projects that rouse your sleepy or distracted mind. It's a time of being nourished by ideas of friendships, learning through experience, freedom, truth seeking, knowledge, wisdom, philosophy, travel, global connection, swift conversation, emerging culture.

Keep in mind that Mercury is still in retrograde, to December 13th (2011). It's a great time for active dreaming, creativity, and being with inspired peeps. A time for visioning, but not necessarily for acting….yet.

Are you restless to roam, mentally or for real, with some wandering? Or perhaps you see a need to break out of routines that have become stifling. If you're feeling inertia or lost in the chaos of the times, it's a Full Moon to seek inspiration, a vision, new challenges that can be a focus for your mind. There's a lot of mental energy buzzing now — what will you do with yours?

Which house in the birth chart is this all going down in?! Look to both your Gemini and Sagittarius houses, at 18 degrees.

It's possible at the eclipse, with the wild card energies afoot, to meet a person or people that rock our world. Do you get a sense of shared destiny, or purpose? Neptune is in the social web sign of Aquarius, making a close trine to Saturn in Libra, the air sign of relating. This gives us some mental stability, as well as the gift of the observer's mind.

How key is this when how we perceive reality itself is changing so dramatically. Neptune, the planet of illusions/delusions…and meeting on ground that transcends all that. A great time to mind storm for creative collaboration, community actions, future possibilities that involve your extended network.

It's also a time of thinking globally, and meeting up on the 'net. To seek out those that can explore our own personal leading edges with us, in the shared journey of awakening.

Art Gianfermo of Aquarian Solutions recently suggested that having projects to work on is a good idea while Mars is in Virgo. I've never thought of getting crafty, like knitting until recently, for example, and thinking of it as a way to put my nervous hands to use making gifts!

The nervous system is charged under the Gemini Full Moon. What are some healthy ways to make use of this jumpy energy? Excercising, walking in nature, organizing your home or office, rearranging the furniture, wrapping gifts, cleaning — just a few possibilities. Be sure to eat the foods that keep you calmest, and avoid the stimulants that get you wiry. Take care what you digest in the way of news, entertainment, visuals. Having an embodied spiritual practice is a good idea that can be a catharsis for what's moving in the body.

In a recent teleconference, Dr. Christine Page, herself a Gemini Sun, talked about its mythology. The symbol for Gemini, she said, is the twin pillars of Jachin and Boaz, linking back to ancient Egypt. These are symbols for duality — masculine/feminine, intellect/intuition, and Gemini's ability to bridge these as well as heaven and Earth. These twin pillars are the erect snake, and the body's spine — lightning rods to bring heavenly energy to Earth and vice versa.

She writes in 2012 and the , "As we are beginning to appreciate, our body is also designed to be a 's wand, with three strands of energy running along the spine and contributing to the fully erect serpent: two forces of duality and the fluid source of eternal life that flows between them."

A mystery of our time is handling unusual new energies and integrating them into our experience. This eclipse could be a time of great downloading, not unlike what I hear happens when you look into the eye of the whale. Uranus rules lightning and awakenings, and is very prominent in the eclipse chart (stationing direct).

The Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse is sure to be wildly stimulating, and staying grounded will keep you from spinning out, getting fried or wired, or acting recklessly. If overwhelmed, the way to ground is to come back to the body — eating or drinking something that calms you, getting energy/body work, taking a soak, working out.

An eclipse has a crossroads feel, and here it's an event that charges the seeker's journey. If we overcome the chronic anxiety and fear that's around us, and heal it through patient, daily integration, we can feel confident on the path. The Full Moon is often revealing, and with the eclipse, there can be life-altering shake ups in perception. Be patient with the process, while acting on what comes up in the moment. I hope it further aligns you with your own highest path!

Have faith through this organic process of breaking up. There's a settling in Capricorn on December 24th, which will further help us root in the changes that feel wholesome, ethical, fruitful and will build up the new structures we're visioning.