Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love known as anticipation. This quality employs a happy feeling of the receiving of something wonderful and that this is just around the corner and ready to manifest for you in your life. This feeling of anticipation is very helpful to keep a positive attitude in regards to the outcomes of events in your life. Many times, embodying this feeling produces miracles in one's life. If you observe young children you will see that this quality of Love is always just below the surface in whatever activity they are involved in — they expect the best and happiest outcome and invariably this is what they receive.

This quality of Love also manifests in One's life when One falls in love with another and can hardly wait to see their beloved again. There are visions of happy times together and the sharing of tenderness and closeness, for being with One's beloved is most delightfully anticipated. This quality also manifests in those who have shared a life together for many years and are so comfortable in their partnership that there is a knowing of that which brings joy and happiness to the loved One and this is what is given in order to create a shared feeling of joy. By anticipating the smile on their beloved's face, any efforts made to thoughtfully give a gift or suggest an activity that both will enjoy is well worth it.

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