Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of Love given the name of beauty. This quality is sublime in its manifestation and leaves One enriched, empowered and inspired. The quality of beauty and the appreciation of it is a gift unsurpassed in its effect upon the senses. It opens One to wonder, magic and expansion of the Soul in its efforts to reach beyond limitation. It fills One's heart with hope and faith, for if there is beauty, then there is Love, constant and true.

Beauty is perceived in many ways; there is beauty in Nature and it is ever changing in its wondrous forms. The flora and fauna constantly strive to delight the senses, to fill One's heart with beams of joy and happiness. This quality of Love is a colorful backdrop to the stories and dramas of life that continue unabated upon your Planet and help to keep life ever growing and expanding in its desire to reach previously undiscovered territory. With the quality of beauty surrounding One, it is almost impossible to let the cares of the World adversely affect One.

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