The light that shines from your shines from the of your Intent that is rich with unconditional love and so much compassion. This light that you have is your that pulls you out of the darkest corner. Yes, you call for God's help, your guides help, for help in general, but it is your tenacity that pulls you through. Inside each of you is this inescapable need to live, grow and to prosper. Each of you will live, grow and prosper in your own way that is meant for you and you will continue to rise and fill that beautiful light with more energy from the love you willingly share with all that you meet. The journey of your path will lead to opportunities that will offer you choices to improve your personal everyday life, which will also benefit your spiritual growth. When you shine from progressing, your whole being; mind, body and soul shines also.

Manoeuvring yourself along the Lightened journey brings you to knowledge that leads again to the POWER that is within you, and developing this power and using it in a positive and loving way. Your POWER is fuelled by LOVE, pure and simple. A very powerful force, indeed. This power you are increasing will become protective of harm coming your way. Your intuition will increase as you become more aware of the slightest little nuance that alerts you of low energy frequencies that cause energy drain. Trust and have faith in your Power and in your intuition. Increase your heart energy by loving yourself, and being kind to yourself. Before you can come to another's aid you need to balanced and comfortable with yourself first. This inner-power will speak to you through your intuition. Listen carefully dear ones. You may not receive words, but imagery, sound, feeling, touch; hone in and listen with your heart.

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