We come to guide and support at this time of mass cleansing and clearing across the planet and we guide that all is now unfolding across the planet earth. For many of YOU the last few weeks have been a strain with a lot of emotion coming to the surface in order to be released. We have guided previously about the need to allow emotions to come to the surface, to be acknowledged and then released. It is vital that the illusion teachings are now recognised for that which they are and are removed from the levels of SELF.

We are here to guide and support in this process and we guide that levels of SELF are navigated regularly by those who are now awakening to deeper and deeper levels of TRUTH. Many of YOU are now aware of the new energies but illusion taught that these new energies would give you freedom without showing the route to freedom. For freedom is not something that is given it is something that is FELT, freedom is a state of BEing and many are not able to find this freedom as they do not venture into the heart centre.

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