Dear ones we come to guide and as the energies of the lunar eclipse begin to amplify that which is unfolding across the planet earth. For many of YOU now are able to view the human life experience through the veils of illusion. These veils are dissolving, YOU are dissolving for YOU cannot be defined. Where there is in YOUr human life experience then pour love and compassion through it for is suppression and containment. Allow YOUrself to BE that which YOU are.

We wish to guide on the unfolding of the energies and the way in which to move through them being in balance, for many are far from balance, such is the depth of illusion teachings across the planet. Balance is needed for the unfolding of the new, for YOU are out of balance YOU are susceptible to the illusion teachings. Where YOU find frustration within YOU find illusion, go within dear ones and root out that which no longer serves. The energies of the new will help YOU, work WITH them and do not hold fast against them for YOU in essence prolong the dissolving that is necessary to illuminate the way forward for YOU.

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