Beloved Ones,

As the anticipation of the yuletide season heightens within the hearts of Humanity, there will come realizations within those hearts of the importance of Unity in family and love relationships. As this occurs, there will be a greater understanding of the importance of those people in One's life that bring to you the experiences that have been necessary for you to go through in order that greater movement occur in the realization of the gift of these individuals in your lives and the roles they have undertaken on behalf of this learning in your daily existence, and as this occurs in the days ahead, a greater appreciation for their unique place in your lives and the love they have brought you in unconditional and sometimes difficult ways will become more clear to you. As these realizations dawn within your consciousness, a deep and heartfelt appreciation of these Ones will serve to Awaken higher aspects of your Being to the greater Plan for your lives and how perfect this Plan works in a great synchronicity to bring out the higher aspects of your greater Self through these experiences, for the perfect unfolding of the blossoming of greater insights and understanding in your daily lives.

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