Many of you have been feeling the powerful downloads of energy moving through you into the crystalline core of Mother Earth during this last week. This activity is a service you have all agreed to perform in to bring in the highest energies through your that you can each withstand. As transducers of the Light and Love energies, your voluntary service in this capacity is most needed in to bring in and anchor the Cosmic Christ Light. There is a side benefit from this service, for as you serve the All in this way, the more Light your own physical being can absorb and bring in.

This activity can translate into feelings of tiredness and sleepiness and sometimes the opposite of this, which is sleeplessness. This is a natural part of the of preparing your physical bodies for a greater influx of the higher energies. Anything that is still waiting to be cleared from within your DNA and every cell in your body that is not Love will be coming forth for acknowledgement and release. Again, we advise that you just observe the thoughts that come up, the mental and emotional patterns of pain, sorrow, sadness, anger, feelings of resentment and other feelings that leave you wondering whether the clearing is a never ending cycle of repeated history.

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