This is the season to feel , peace and goodwill within your . It is a time to let go of all that still troubles you and just be in the . Enjoy these happy moments of shopping, wrapping presents and decorating the tree and the house. Try to imagine your World and everyone in it feeling these wonderful feelings of joy and anticipation all of the time, with every person giving of themselves from their heart, simply for the pleasure of seeing their loved ones faces light up with happiness. This is the future and the way that it can be, if you all choose to make it so.

Make Love your top priority and take time each day to center that feeling within your hearts. Love is a powerful energy which encompasses many qualities from the Divine that gives hope and faith to all to keep on keeping on in your daily lives. Many times it is the human ego that feels it must be acknowledged and so, many precious moments of the sharing of Love slip away, moments that could have created greater connection and feelings of harmony within all interpersonal connections. Love is so powerful that it must be expressed in order to do its work, it cannot be kept hidden inside.

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