Let us speak today of your journey. It does matter if you are male or female. Each of you has the power within you to demonstrate their 'kingly' role. This is the of the yang or male energy. Regardless if you are male or female you have the power to MASTER your own domain in your physical nature in all of its aspects; , mind and of course spirit. Being regent of your domain, means you are in control and in full responsibility of what transpires within your domain.

Many of you run with the more Priestly role which is the feminine or the yin energy. Again it does not matter if you are male or female, you have within you the power to be PRIEST of your temple (body), and to create what is needed for your time in this lifetime. In this phase or energy you are using the nurturing part of yourself.

I help you combine both of these aspects into your everyday life. Both energies are required to be fully balanced to receive the calm and peace you are so much looking for. Achieving this perfect balance as you are perfect beings, children of God is very much possible and necessary. If you able to clearly see you are weak in either energy, call upon the Violet Flame and ask for healing and for guidance invoking the use of my energy. My presence with you will guide you to what it is you need to change to regain your yin/yang balance. Your entire body will shiver with a delightful "Ah" when this is complete.

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