In this discourse I wish to bring to your attention the need to stay grounded each day. Work at developing a very strong grounding cord by intending and visualizing this each morning and afternoon. See yourselves attached to the center core of the Earth by a radiant cord of Light. This will help you stay more focused during these times of intensifying energies. Practice deep breathing in slow, rhythmic in-breaths and out-breaths, breathing in peace, breathing out peace for several minutes at least three times daily. You will find that you will be able to assimilate the energies much better without the usual side effects in the adjustment periods following the downloading of these into your energetic fields.

Seen from our perspective, the Light is intensifying and grower brighter and more stronger within many more of the Awakening Ones. The Light of many of the crystalline rays is a deep, clear and crystalline hue and imparts a feeling of magic when it is viewed, similar to that which is enjoyed at this time of year at yuletide. We suggest that our Beloved Lightworkers allow themselves to experience greater feelings of wonder, magic, unlimitedness, boundlessness and joy. We understand that each of you have been in the deep throes of cleansing, clearing and purifying and we say it is time to take the time to enjoy these coming weeks in childlike anticipation of impending delights.

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