Our allies continue to make in their efforts to bring an end to the activities of the dark Ones. Resistance is pushed aside as we are the ones in ascendancy, and some major coups could well open Pandora's box and reveal those who have been behind the for world control. We are certainly closing in on those responsible, and for once money will not buy them a way out of it. So much has been revealed about the goings on that have taken away your rights, and bribery has played a big part in achieving it. Honest politics disappeared a long ago, but that does not mean that there are not any honest politicians. Unfortunately their voices are often stifled and regularly ignored, but their day is coming very soon and be assured that we know each one by name.

Each day now offers the possibility of exciting news, and Disclosure is being energized by your focus upon it. It means that it will soon burst upon the scene, as it cannot be held back much longer. It will once and for all prove our existence, and remove suggestions that we have ulterior motives where you and your Earth are concerned. Once our true motives have been confirmed, we hope to have satisfied those who had doubts that we come in peace. You do need us, and in any event it is decreed that we come together in the Brotherhood of Light. Your future is going to take you into the realms of the Cosmos, that is your true abode and where you will once more achieve your true status. So as you can see, there is a lot to do and Ascension will be the first big step that will lift you up. It will be a great leap forward in your levels of consciousness.

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