The financial saga in Europe is far from finished and its repercussions shall travel far and wide. We hold no particular as to the outcome, but we see the opportunity arising to put forward the final plan that shall release you from the old paradigm. It will manifest one way or another, as there is no going back to the old ways of managing your affairs. As if by magic the coming of the year 2012 will release more energies that shall lift you up more rapidly than any previous period. Even those amongst you that have given little thought to its significance, will sense that dynamic changes are taking place. Rumors will fly around, with both acceptance and denial causing some dissension, but eventually the truth will come to the fore. It cannot be suppressed indefinitely and will always remain regardless of attempts made to conceal it. The problem is that you have lived in your illusion for so long, that it is difficult to see the truth that must replace it.

It is imperative that you enter the coming period with few fixed ideas, but allow for changes that will clearly point out the that your civilization is going in. It is of course Ascension but its path will meander somewhat before it is clearly laid out before you. Allow it to unfold in its own good time, and we will be on hand to direct you in the right . Most of the Lightworkers have a good idea of what will happen, but not necessarily the finer details. We of the are as you might say, on the edge of our seats as the pressure to go ahead is almost unbearable. However, we will say time and time again – that there is a right time for what we are here to do and all will proceed far better as a result. In one sense there is no urgency, given that regardless of what happens, you will reach Ascension as intended. On the other hand, we know that the sooner we can start, the quicker we will have your support.

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