All in the spiritual realms are watching with as, despite the difficulties and stresses that many of you are experiencing, you continue to hold your Light on high as you move purposely forward towards the of awakening. All across the world many are caught up in situations and experiences that are causing great and are having difficulty in maintaining their faith in the Divine and in holding their intent to awaken. However, the divine energy field enveloping the planet is strengthening and intensifying the loving intentions that the Light-bearers are sharing and extending to all of humanity in every moment, and especially during those times when they are relaxing into that field and focusing their attention on bringing all into wakefulness.

It truly is a wonderful time as love and compassion for one another grow worldwide, and acceptance of the need for essential changes in human attitudes becomes widespread. Your love and devotion are bringing about these changes as you determine to live, express, and demonstrate these natural, loving attitudes in each and every one of your interactions throughout the day. Walking your talk in this way is having a profound effect worldwide, and because of the divine assistance that is accompanying you on every step of the way your success is guaranteed.

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