The at which you are progressing along the path to your awakening is accelerating as more and more people raise up the Light they are carrying so that others may see it and do likewise. The momentum of 's intent to is now so great that, as divinely intended, awakening is inevitable and cannot be prevented or delayed. It is your glorious destiny, and the at which it will occur is rapidly approaching.

The doubt and anxiety that some of you are experiencing as you await this transformative event are generally egoic distractions that encourage you to remember and even dwell on old disappointments on which you still have an emotional charge. Intend to release those memories by recalling them, recognizing them, and letting them go. They are part of the unreality that the ego holds on to, and which are invalid and misplaced. God never reneges on His promises, and never fails to deliver. Focus on the inspiring events that are happening all over the world which demonstrate very clearly that humanity is moving determinedly towards awakening, and intend to be a cooperative and effective part of that awe-inspiring movement.

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