Dratzo! We return! The process that began in earnest nine months ago continues to progress toward its inevitable resolution, and our allies are close to obtaining the final orders for Count St. Germaine's World Trust. As you know, the fund closes annually on Eve (December 24th) and reopens the day after (December 26th), unless this date falls on a Sunday. So this year, the fund opens the next day! Europe's Earth allies are ecstatic that the preliminary approvals to go forward have been issued. The next step involves obtaining the actual funding certificate. Once this is gained, the trustees can sign off on it and those responsible for the disbursement can begin their detailed procedures. We are monitoring these activities closely and intend to see that they proceed without a hitch. Our liaisons have already contacted those involved in the coming government transitions and have told them to firm up the final versions of their respective broadcasts. We, too, are preparing the personnel whose job it will be to safeguard the various new governments.

The new-government tasks, in order of priority, are: the disbursement of the new monies, simultaneous with the setting-up of the new caretaker governments, including the new financial system; and the administration of numerous programs that will lead in a few weeks to disclosure. We are confident that all this will not take long to manifest. We are also busy establishing the much-needed communications system by which each of the announcements will be flawlessly broadcast. In addition, our fleet is daily increasing its level of exposure in your skies, to give you enough evidence to prove without a doubt that you are not alone! This activity alone ensures that those who wish to carry on their old ways are doomed to failure. The dark ones are still determined to find a way out of their ever-deepening dilemma, despite our reminding them day after day that any such escape plots will be blocked by us. This includes the horrific scenario of creating an 'incident' to ignite WW III. Heaven and we no longer permit the nuclear option!

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