Selamat Balik! We return! The cords that tie your reality together are rapidly dissolving and transforming into the grids of a new one. Initially, this new one is manifesting various debacles that are churning things up in every corner of your world, and this is to be expected as the miasmas of the past are purged. Many of your realms in ages past have been wiped out by the thunderous might of the as they froze, flooded and burned your societies in an effort to expunge the memories of your fully conscious origins. On each occasion, the chose a group of survivors to 'stock' the next reality (by means of memory trauma held within the DNA) with the 'fodder' necessary to endlessly repeat these patterns of destruction and genocide down through history. This attempt to bury your memories of your former, higher of consciousness was only partially successful and was unable to induce the complete adulation and acquiescence desired by your dark overloads. Your ineradicable inner path was kept alight by for the day when all of you would be returned to your former of glory.

This 'fling' in the trials and tribulations of limited consciousness is nearly over, and you are being brought through the last stages of the fear and illusion that the Anunnaki's minions concocted for you. Be brave and wise, and know that you are fully capable of seeing through these last shenanigans. New institutions are starting up quietly in the very smoke thrown up by the dark's contrived incidences. Secret groups with positive agendas are working with the Ascended Masters to bring your new world into the Light while the dark that oppresses you is lifting. Rejoice, and understand what this truly implies. You are practically free of those whose arrogance and chicanery has had you imprisoned in a world which, from the outset, was only an exercise for Spirit. You have won through and are ready to show the universe what you are capable of. Your space and spiritual families enfold you in Love and blessings and the time for our collective revelry is close at hand!

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