Dratzo! We return with lots to discuss with you. Several events are ready to happen which will catapult your world toward a new reality. At present you are watching a number of situations which point toward the coming collapse of your global setup. Furthermore, these social structures are set to evolve out of all recognition. For example, regime today has assumed a whole new dimension: formerly, those who took down a despot would, in time, revert to what they had so idealistically intended to replace. Now, however, those who have replaced the deposed are quickly discovering that the people are not willing to sit back and let the old ways return. Now there is a sustained effort to keep the new rulership on track and instituting the reforms promised. This focus and determination demonstrates the difference in today's uprisings versus those of yesteryear. The new ingredient that is demolishing the age-old syndrome of tyranny is your rise in , which makes it impossible for those recently brought to power to veer from the course that the people have set for them.

What we are saying is that your change in consciousness is indelibly altering the way even present societies function. Your kleptocracies are no longer able to obtain the degree of respect they formerly commanded, and there is rapidly spreading irritation with the way your societies and their respective governments are controlled. This perceived 'unacceptability' is the thin end of a very thick wedge. A realization has taken root in your societies which can no longer tolerate the overt, unbridled crassness that passes for governance, and people everywhere deeply desire a wholly new prototype. Moreover, this longing is seeping into the minds of those who serve as minions for the ruling 'special interests.' This creates a quandary that greatly troubles all your governments: how to survive in such widespread and growing unrest? This question hangs in the air and is a clear indication of the import of what is happening around your globe. The center of your reality truly can no longer hold together.

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