again dear ones of the earth in these times of so much upheaval and .

All is proceeding according to plan; light is pouring into your dear planet and many are now beginning to feel this and accept change into their consciousness although they are not yet aware of what they are experiencing.

Much is unraveling of the old paradigm although you cannot yet see it. We see this coming to a head very shortly and you are being called upon to make a . Do you wish to stay in what is familiar, no matter how discordant, or do you choose receptivity to something different although as of yet you do not know what that is? Those who live in fear usually choose whatever they already know or are being told by others, not realizing that they have the power within to choose for themselves . This is fine, as all are free to proceed according to their free will . However, those of you who know that there are higher and better ways than what has been the norm up to this point, are choosing to be open to new ways of seeing, being, and doing.

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