Our scribe has requested that we no longer give updates concerning disclosure and Resumed Contact, but dear ones we give you such updates for a clear reason. We will be directly working with many of you when the time comes to heal this world, and as such we wish to establish not just a partnership, but a friendship with you. As such, we give you the updates as to what is going on to a certain extent; we share with you what we can but for the purposes of keeping confidential away from your dark who would use such to our dis-advantage, we must be careful in what we share. There are certain matters and developments that we must, only temporarily, keep hidden. We do not enjoy such lack of transparency, but we do what is necessary to help release you from the very tight grip of the dark on your world. The dark is not used to being told no or losing, as throughout your history they have been able to use money to get nearly anything they wanted.

Now is the time where you bring about your own release from the dark on your world, and while we are here to help you achieve such a difficult mission, we are not here to do this for you dear ones. We are simply with you to be observers, while at the same time slowly disengage your dark so you can all feel more free and less dense; so you can all get the done that is required to see you taking on an ascended Light body form. You will begin to feel much Lighter when the dark is fully disengaged; their mere presences away from the Earth will take with them much density that has served to keep many of you down.

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