November 29, 2011

[Hello God & Prilon.] Hi Suzy, we are here to give you this . The kind & just soul of your father is here to join us as well. [Oh good! Hi Dad!!] Hi Suzy, may I continue with the ? [Please do.]

For a very long time on Earth, souls have experienced the understanding of duality. This is in accordance with with the Creator. Now, you and many other souls are in the process of leaving duality for the of higher dimensions. This is also in accordance with .

No longer is your mind blocked from higher communication with us. This is felt as an opening of the and is required for the ascension of your energetic field.

Moving to this dimension is a subtle transition of transforming the physical body with the energetic bodies. Never think that you, who are open to this transition, are imagining untruths. There are those souls who agreed to this transition as their consciousness decided to stay firmly rooted in 3-D. They, like all souls, are having another experience as their Higher Selves or sub-conscious.

The difference of those who are more consciously open to this transition than those who are not is very minimal.

Your conscious self is like the thin, outer layer of an onion. Your High Self and all the other layers that encompass You is much thicker, or more inclusive of your divine origin. That doesn’t mean that an awakened or unawakened experience is for not. This simply explains that you are much more than this one physical being.

Open your heart to imagining a reunion of all your layers. Picture yourselves as multi-dimensional beings of light. The work of this lifetime is enormous. All souls chose how they would best experience this transition. Pretty details of your ascension (imagining) are important for the awakened collective to imagine their individual greater good and the grater good of all.

The messages from those who channel are like the movie trailers you see before the main show. They give you a glimpse of possibilities and stimulate your imaginations to create your new experience of Now. You are your only . Be open to others ideas but follow what feels right in your heart. You are the master of this life and all other layers of your soul.

Suzanne Spooner
The Art of Universal Knowing