God said:

Warm your the way you would warm your hands. When your hands are cold, you rub them together. In the case of your , find another to warm up, and your will be warmed as well.

Perhaps instead of speaking of a loving heart, it is more useful to say a warm heart. Yes, think of your heart as a warm heart, a warming heart, a heart that is warmed and gives out warmth. The blessing of a warm heart. Who would ever want a cold heart? A shriveled heart, a heart gone to seed, a wasted heart, a woe-begotten heart, a sinking heart, a crestfallen heart, an ignored heart, a fallen heart, a hollow heart, a frightened heart, a judging heart?

Who would want a temperamental heart? A wavering heart, a shrouded heart, a tiptoeing heart, a dull heart, a heart that looks out through veiled eyelids, a heart that goes backwards, a heart that turns around, a careful heart, a careless heart, a cold heart, a reserved heart, a crestfallen heart, an injured heart?

Let Us talk about the heart you want. A warm and warming heart. An open heart that is not on . A heart with its windows open to the world. An absorbent heart. A flowering heart. A stable heart. An undemanding heart. A gladsome heart. A singing heart. A loving heart. A happy heart. An eager heart. A winning heart. A savory heart. A treasure chest of a heart. A flowing heart. A comfortable heart. A spending heart. A splendid heart. A shining heart. A solid heart. A full heart. A treasure-filled heart. A tremendous heart. A soaring heart. A fun-loving heart.

No one wants an old tired heart that looks out only for itself. That is no heart at all.

If your heart is tired, love it. Love it for a while. Pick it up in your arms and tell it:

"There, there, heart of mine. It's okay. It's going to be all right. I will love and comfort you. I will raise you up and nourish you. I will help you become the heart you always wanted to be. You always wanted to be in the sun. Yes, I shall warm you in the sun, and your capacity to feel warmth will grow. I will help you become the heart of hearts. I take you out of cold storage and take you into the sun. I do this every day. I let you know you're wanted. I treat you tenderly. No longer will I discount you. Now I honor you. I make you fully present. No longer will you feel that you have to look away from love. Now you will look love right in the eyes and see yourself.

"I swaddle you now with a soft blanket of myself so you will always feel warm. I rock you in my arms. I am so sorry that I have neglected you. Too often I ran past you, stepped on you in my hurry, put you in a closet, not for punishment. No, I never meant that. I guess I just meant to get you out of the way. I wanted to keep you safe, as though giving of yourself was dangerous, and I had to protect you.

"Now I know better. Love is your life. Love is your natural existence. No longer will I put you in the closet. Now I take you out into the sunshine, and you will bask in it, and you will be restored to your rightful existence. You are my heart, and now I put you before me. My heart, now you come first."

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