God said:

There One Heart in the world, and it Mine. I share My Heart with each seeming one of you. In truth, I share My Heart with Myself. you see it is that I share My heart with little pieces of Myself, for that is your perception, yet that is not true. That is how it seems to you. You can only perceive as far as you perceive.

The fact is that there are no little pieces of Me. There are no fragments. There is One Heart, and I share it only with Myself including the outlined forms of Myself. Created in My image, you are reflections of the One Self, and yet you bank on the reflections.

Externals are only externals, Myself.

Let' say there is one prism in your hand, and, let' say, you hold it up to the sunlight. Ah, now you see many prisms reflected on your wall and ceiling. You see the refracted light all over the place, and yet you are clearly aware that there is only one prism in your hand. That there is One God has an expanded meaning now. There is One God, and that is all that there is! Well, it is enough. It is wonderful. There is no least of you.

In the world, cloaks are put on the reflections. Appearance is only appearance. The reflections of Me appear in many guises. You are My reflection. You see the reflections and not so much the Source of the reflections. You who are reading My words or hearing My words hear them through Myself. Who can the Seer, , or Hearer of My words be if not I? There is no one else except in the accepted meaning in the world.

The world focuses on the many-lotus petals. The world is a many-lotus-petalled world.

You ask: "How can it be that I who am sitting here am really You Who art in Heaven?"

I say to you, "Tell Me, is there anything I cannot do? Do you think I cannot sit in your office within the little framework of you? I AM One, and yet you see the disparate reflections and believe in them more than you believe in Me. You see yourselves as a bunch of marbles. If you pick up a bag of marbles, they do not themselves out on the floor unless you put them there. It is you who shoots the marbles so they then bounce one off the other. You see untold numbers of people who are reflections of the One God. They do not of themselves get into action any more than they created themselves. is the Doer. I move your arms and your elbows. I get up and sit down within the reflection of Myself. The world is simpler than you can contemplate, but you are used to loose ends."

It is hard for the reflection of Me that seems to look up to Me to fathom what I say. The Oneness may thrill you. You may worship the Oneness. Nevertheless, at the same time, you are imbued with the reflections of the Prism far more than the Prism. You call the reflections when, in , the One Prism is the only . Until you reach the top of the mountain, you don't see what you don't see. It is not yet in your view. Nevertheless, you are getting to the view from the mountaintop, and then you will see.

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