God said:

Unless you put a piece of paper before you, or you put your fingers on the computer, you would not be Godwriting and My particular words through you would not be known. You trust in My daily-ness, and I trust in yours.

It is not a small thing that you lay down a golden carpet for Me, that you beckon Me, that you sit here inviting Me, almost egging Me on. And, yet, where My thoughts go, you follow. So you are a God-follower. You follow My , and you are enchanted with it. It is not so much that I come to you. It is that you come to Me. You stop in. And I offer Myself to you in exchange for Myself within you. There is Oneness alone, and yet Godwriting is not a solo act. It is an imprint of Oneness. It is a merging.

You have not realized the extent to what Godwriting is. You have not realized the extent to which I AM nor the extent to your service in My plan for Unity of the World.

Godwriters everywhere are tillers of the soil of . My words are not to separate Godwriters from those who do not Godwrite, and yet Godwriters are Godwriters. They embrace My light in silence and, therefore, spread My light. As it is received, it is spread. All who read do the same. Reading is like speaking. And sometimes readers shout.

Godwriters and Godreaders, you might as well know that you are doing just right. Keep tilling the soil. It is a simple act of devotion. Yes, you gain. You gain through receiving, and receiving is giving.

You are spreading the tablecloth for a great feast. I sit at the of the table as your guest and, yet, I am the host. I am the Host, and all are My Guests who sit before Me in spectacular wonder. The feast is on its way. Free delivery.

We can call Godwriting a Godmobile. I speed toward you. I take you in My wake, and so you follow Me. And so is life on when your hears Mine.

You like it when I come to you unannounced. You like it when you are ready to finish Godwriting, and I grab you by the shoulder, and I say: "Just a minute. I have more to say."

Then you know I have given to you without your asking. I have given to you before you can ask. Then I am a surprise visitor Who urges you to hear the stillness of My Voice as I hold you close and whisper My sweet nothings into your ear. My sweet nothings are Everything.

And now you have been swept up in My arms and I hold you high, and I hold you dear, and I hold you near, and I hold you like a light that is lighting My way, and so, what I do, you are doing. I hold you high, and you hold Me high, and We travel together from star to star, and We light up the stars like candles. Here, let Me kiss your hands that report Me to the world. Here, let Me kiss your heart that holds Me. Here, let Me kiss your mind so it will be stilled from an overload of thoughts that are not Mine. Let Us be of One Heart and One Mind and so bring the Earth Heavenward and I, the One of Us, can say:

"Earth has landed. It has landed in Heaven. are One undivided missile of love, landed in My heart of love, grounded in My heart of love, grounded in Heaven, risen to Heaven, risen to the bounty of love, risen to stay, hallowed be Thy love, hallowed be Earth as it is in Heaven, hallowed be My Name, hallowed be Our Union, hallowed be life, hallowed be Our love, dancing from heart to heart even as only One Heart exists. There are no two. There is One, and it serves all, and so My Will is done."

And now you can stop writing, knowing that I permeate the Universe and your heart, and My Name is Love, and your name the same. Holy, holy is the ground you walk on. Holy, holy are We, am I. And there is naught but I. And I thank Myself for you. And so I have said, and so you have written.

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