God said:

I sing in praise of human beings, blinded as they are and yet serving Me on . This is Divinity. Not fully understanding the ins and outs of life, nevertheless, you serve, and want to serve greater. You extend yourselves on an island and sometimes a cave. So now I sing My out to you, in praise of you, in love of you, in service to you who serves Me. Never question your competence. I am competent.

You are the sweet fruit of My vine. Each of you has been well-chosen. You are doing what is yours to do, and now, even unseeing as you are, you rise to the words of My . You know not your mission, and yet you serve it. That you are often blind does not mean that you serve Me blindly. You serve Me in devotion, whether you know that or not. You are dogged in your service to your Creator and all of Creation. Even when you know it not, you are serving the Most High.

You may even think you are serving yourself, but always, in the innermost crevices of your heart, you are serving Me. You are carrying up your end of the bargain between Us. Bright light is the bargain between Us. Great love is the bargain between Us. Even when you know it not, great love is binding Us, and, of course, a bond with Me is freedom. And so you stumble, and so you cry out, and so you serve.

You walk a maze. You know not where you are going, and yet you go. You try here, you try there. You look for an entrance or an exit. Behold, you find it. All the while, I am singing to you. Or I am humming to you. I have never stopped the cosmic hum, and My Song of Love holds its first note. Whether you hear or not, you hum and sing in tune with Me.

No matter how far afield you may go, you are right at My heels. In any case, I hold your hand.

We are locked in love, and that means We are freed in love. We soar the Universe together. When you land, you forget Our flight into Oneness. You have forgotten Yourself, and you may have forgotten Me, and, still, We soar together.

There is no planet that you have not visited. There is no heart you have not visited. There is no soul that you do not know. So much seems to be hidden from you, and yet nothing is hidden from you. You travel in time and space, yet you are anchored in . How can that be, you wonder. Beloveds, that is the only sure thing you can know. Buffeted by the winds, you forget you are anchored. Even a kite in the sky is held by someone's hand. You are held by Mine. More precisely, you are held by a Heart String of Mine.

Whether you hear My tune or not, you tap your foot to it.

Whether you have not a thought of Me or think of Me constantly, you know Me. You know My song. You sing it. You hum it. You may not be aware that you do, yet you do.

You hear Me calling to you. You are My Highest Calling, beloveds. You are the human being I made, and the difference between you and all the other created beings is that you have choice. You have choice to question, and you have choice to forget. You have a billion choices. You may not even choose. You may flounder, and yet We are One.

Remember now Our Song of Oneness.

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