God said:

Everyone likes the feeling of sailing or flying, and everyone wants to fly, wants the freedom of it, wants to reach which is, after all, familiar to you. Of course, this is metaphorically speaking, because there is not a physical place called . There is a state of consciousness, however, that you can fly to now in your awareness.

Your soul came from Heaven, all the way from Heaven, a non-place where your spirit flies all over Eternity and flies infinitely without moving an inch.

In the physical facility known as Earth, your physical fly where it wills of its own accord. And yet your spirit does fly. It flies to Heaven. Call Heaven your spirit's Garage, if you like. You park here in Heaven. Your mind thinks you are relegated to where your body is, or where your conscious mind can take you. Great are the gifts of the mind, yet your mind thinks too much and can't really take you to Me, to Heaven, to your Self. Your mind takes you around the block. It is your heart that takes you all the way to Heaven which is, of course, where you already are.

Without the physical, where do you think you would be? And that's where you are right now.

I think you grasp that you reside in the palm of My hand. And where is the palm of My hand but in Heaven? Of course, I have no palm. I have no hand, except that I use your hand and the beautiful palm I kiss right now. We really are integrated, you and I. This is not a fairy tale I am telling you, although fairy tales also contain Truth.

What is love but Being together? What is love but ? What are you, the so-called you, and I, the One, but ? We can be nothing but . We have never been anything but . There is no separation between Us. There cannot be and never was. Our relationship has not been understood fully.

Starting from where your understanding is, I say We. I say You and I. And yet I am the only God, I am the One. I am the only One. Only – that is a very good Only. We are not separated in time and and cannot be, for time and do not exist. I exist. That's the whole story.

Yet housed as you are in a physical body, you cannot quite fathom this. You – that which I call you — can almost fathom it. You can almost touch it, as it were, yet in this is a matter of non-matter, the physical senses do not exist. Love exists. Soul-touching exists. One Soul, One Heart exists and there is nothing else that does. The physical realm is something made up. It was created, and it was created from the spiritual realm, which is the only realm that exists. Anything else is non-existent. The world does not exist. All is I. And all is you. There is one of Me, and that is called We, and that is called Us, yet nothing could be further from the Truth than to call Us plural.

Oneness means Oneness. There is naught but Oneness. Oneness cannot be anything but Oneness. And yet there are physical forms that belie that, and I, Oneness, created the physical forms and the concept of numbers. What I created is a beautiful display of Oneness looking like diversity. I can do anything. I can even make Oneness look like multiplicity when Oneness is All, and Oneness is One and nothing but One Oneness.

And where would Oneness reside but in a state of consciousness called Heaven, as if Oneness can be located in space, as though Oneness were a thing and could be housed anywhere, yet We say in Heaven.

On Earth, you are playing house, beloveds.

I am God speaking, and what I speak is being written down, as if writing or anything else exists but I, God.

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