God said:

You are My Self. There is no you. There is only I. Only?! Yes, the One and Only God, and I exist, and I exist within you. You only think you are someone else. I am the Mighty Omniscient God, and I march Myself as you, yet you see frailty and accept that as yourself. You are the of the Universe, and you see yourself as a workhorse or you know not what.

You have focused on one aspect of yourself, the body self and the emotional self and mind self. The emotional self is not the same as the self. The self is not emotion. Emotion, as you know it, is up and down, a pitfall actually. Love is supreme, and love is huge, and love is vast, as I am vast. Love flows through the Universe and the , and I am God in your . Therein lies love, and therein lie I, the Master of Love. I have put up a tent in your . Rather, I have put up a permanent castle in your . I am not a nomad in your . I am implacable. I am here to stay. I have never been anywhere else but in the one of yours that you think is singular when, in Truth, it encompasses all.

Where would I reside but in your heart? Why would I want to be anywhere else? Of course, it is also true that I am everywhere. I am also in your mind which is what? A sideline. Yet I am in your mind, yet it is within your heart that I take up My permanent occupancy. By your heart shall you know Me. In your mind, you may know about Me. What I want is that you know Me in your heart and give of Me so fully that the whole world is enriched and knows its magnificence.

I, God, am mostly thought of as entity far away from you, a Being beyond the sky, and yet, I am a Being Who resides in your heart, deep in your heart. I am here for all the world to see, and yet all the world sees Me not. But you, will you feel Me in your heart? I am the dominator and denominator of your heart. Open your heart to Me, and you open the world to its true nature which is, as you have guessed, love. You are a proponent of love.

Only you have misheard, or heard not at all.

Love is the grist to the mill.

Love is not a hat you wear. It is your Holy Self.

Yet you are not always clear or certain what love is. It is not mush. It is not fanfare. It is not striking. It is love, and it is simply there, not as an effect, not as an effort, not as anything but itself. Hear Me. Hear My love as it soars through you from My true heart to the heart that you believe is yours, that you believe belongs to you, the heart that takes you on excursions from itself, as though love were a choice, as if you were not love, as if you were love in hiding, as if you were love scurrying not yet the heart of Me that you truly are and have never been not.

Beloveds, there is nothing else to be but the Heart of God. Enough of disguises. Now you bare your heart and reveal that it is Mine. Reveal My heart. Reveal it to your supposed self.

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