God said:

Who is it who suffers then, for the supposed you knows suffering very well. You may have majored in it. Who is it who suffers then? It is not I. I do not know suffering. All I know is love, and love keeps Me company. Suffering does not.

What use do you who feels separate find in suffering? What does it do for you? It makes you weep, seemingly breaks your unbreakable heart, simply sinks you deeper into , so masterful that you bow down to it and let it sweep you away.

Now I speak to you as though you were another, for there is no way that I suffer. I am the Creator, and I know what I created. It wasn't suffering. So then you must have created it. For what purpose? To show your power? To complain? For the unredeeming immersion into suffering and misappropriation of thought?

What a pickle you find yourself in time and time again, as if time were true and space were true, when time and space can be considered holograms, holograms run amok, holograms that mask the Reality of you.

I would like to disown you of your illusions, for living in illusion as you do, illusion, by its very nature, can only disillusion you. Herein lies what is experienced in suffering. Illusion is truly, too often, a terrible time and place to live in. Unending drama, insinuation, terror. Apartness is no place to be. It is harrowing.

Be more like My beloved animals who graze in the grass or climb trees fully knowing the present as Eternal. Learn more from them. Enjoy today. Know what matters. Know love and give it, for love is what matters. So much of what you involve yourself in does not matter, does not matter at all, except as you and the world think so.

All the decorum is only decorum. All the discussions are only discussions. All the temporary, which in time relative life can only be, is temporary.

How can it be that you are My Soul wandering about on without knowing the Oneness of One, the Oneness of All That Is, the Oneness of Love without surpass, without delay, without any interference to it? And, yet, does not unrecognition of Our Oneness describe the state you live in to a T?

Leave that state of consciousness and know Who you are and always have been. You were never anything else but Oneness. You imagined, otherwise, oh, yes, this was the game you played on Earth, as if you had to, as if you had no choice.

Take Me on a different tour, beloveds. Take Me on a different track than war. Admit you have been at war with life. You have been brandishing a sword right and left. You have been brandishing a sword and undermining your Holy .

Take Me on a different tour. Take Me to the green pastures and still waters. In other words, settle into the peace and love that surpass understanding. You cannot understand the strife you put yourself through. If you cannot understand, then, in that case, put yourself through love and peace and not understand them, not understand them in preference to not understanding war and all its subterfuges.

Try on love and peace for size, and you will find that they fit you very well. Believe in Truth more than you believe in illusion. Believe in the Truth of your Self, and know that you are I, and that I walk on Earth at an even pace with My eyes set on and My feet firmly set in where I AM and you, who think you are separate from Me, are not apart from Me but rather more than a part of Me, rather the Whole of Me, for this is Reality and nothing less is.

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