God said:

Let go of what you have done or should have done or wish you had done. As mistaken as you may have been, there are no mistakes. Your thinking that you make after is in error. There is one path, beloveds, and that is the path to Me. How many guises the path comes in matters not a whit.

Oh, it matters to you.

Consider life on this: You are trying to light a match. You scratch the match here, and it doesn't light. You scratch the match there, and it doesn't light. You scratch the match in another place, and it lights or doesn't light. You keep lighting the match until it lights up and the of you is seen. You see it. You embrace it. You live it. You do not give up on lighting that match. And when the match is lit, how well you can see!

That is life on Earth, and you are the one who lights the match and holds up the light. You are the one who scratches the match and lights up the world so that the blind may see. You have been the blind who cannot see. You have been the deaf who cannot hear. You have been everything on Earth, and now you are unmasked and see yourself as you truly are, which is a reflection of Me, which is I, God.

What a you had that you are waking to. You rub your eyes. You forget where you are or whether you are waking or dreaming. Anything that is not I is a , a of wandering, a of forgetfulness, and now you enter the Truth of Oneness and how right you are now with the world and everything.

Take off your blinders. Unplug your ears. You have great standing in the Universe. You have great standing in . Of course, you do, for you are I, and I am the Only One Standing. There is no one else but I, God. Step up and meld in the gold of Oneness that We truly are.

What I have, you have.

I have vision far beyond the eyes. I see All, I hear All, I know All, and so do you. This is not a weight you carry. This is Light you carry, and it's a breeze. It is the easiest thing in the world and in Heaven to be Me. It weighs nothing for you to carry the Light that you truly are. No longer look askance at the Truth of you who is the Truth of Me. Hail to the God within you. Hail to your Self. Hail to Oneness and the Power which is Mine.

Look no longer at where you have thought you have been. Look no longer to the past because, in Truth, it was all untrue. It was a tour de force. It was a side trip in the dark. It was: "Boo." You were seemingly scared of everything that was not true and also fearful of what is true. You thought I was mistaken. You think you are mistaken, and, therefore, you think I must be mistaken.

You think I am a Dreamer while you dream uncomfortable dreams and pity yourself and humanity. Look into the mirror. And when you look into the mirror, see Me and forget about what you used to see. See Me now before you in every mirror you look at. We are One, and now it is for you to acknowledge this. See Me the way I see you, for this is the Truth of you.

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