God said:

Tell yourself that you are invulnerable. Tell yourself that you are Magnificence Itself. Tell yourself that God walks on in the of you, that no matter how misshapen you may be, no matter what ignorance you may have upheld, no matter what injustice you may have done, Holy God is within you. You transgress when you know this not. If you knew Who You Are, if you could accept Who You Are, you would fall on your knees to yourself in gratitude for what God hath wrought, for I, God, I wrought My Mighty Self in you.

And then you would tell yourself to get up off your knees and walk as God would walk, and bless as God would bless, and be no stranger to yourself and be no stranger to anyone.

God does not walk on His knees. Nor does God toot His own horn or pretend He is less than He is. It is conceit to fake that you are less than you are. This is not being humble. This does not make you greater than you are. This makes you less. God does not go around bragging. Nor does God lower his shoulders and pretend ignorance. God says what is and hides nothing.

God is not about Himself. He is about His . His is Love. Nor are you about yourself. You are about your . Your is love.

What God is, so are you. What God does, so must you. No longer are you to shirk awareness of the God in you. There is One God, and I am in you. There is also one you, and that is I.

I have never hidden Myself from you. You have hidden yourself from you.

Until you come to grips with Who You Are, you mislay yourself. To block yourself from the Oneness that you are, you fiddle around with . Any disguise you hold yourself in and perpetuate reveals your allegiance to .

Of course, this makes no sense at all, yet you Who Are Great, hug ego to you as if ego were your very life line.

You know better than to attach to ego, yet knowing better has not stopped you. The other God you put before yourself is ego. Make no doubt about that. For fear of more and what more would be asked of you, you, who deny your Holy Self, extract the essence of ego in a parody of Truth.

The world is not meant to be separate from . You went to the basement of Earth and proclaimed the untrue as True. You denied your Self. You deny it still.

Whether you can grasp that you are Oneness or not, tell yourself you are. what you tell yourself.

Tell yourself that you are lowly, and you are lowly.

Tell yourself you are not much, and you are not much.

Tell yourself that you are God's reflection in the form of a human being, and you will begin to see and act as I would act in the form of a human being. What would stop Me from being God? I won't ask you what stops you from being God because, perversely, it is ego that stops you from acknowledging Truth.

Ego offers you sweet candy, and you accept. The candy is not sweet, and it is quickly gone.

Ego offers you nothing, and calls it something.

Offer yourself everything, for you are everything, and you will be everything to the world you live in. You will raise the world to the highest Heaven. As quick as lightning, you will light up the world so it begins to know itself.

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