God said:

Today you begin. Today you begin living, not a new life, but life in a new way. Today you begin living life from the total vantage of love. Today this is what you do. You live love. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you are propelling love along with you. Today you have the awareness of love, and it accompanies you, or you accompany it.

Or, let love take you. Follow love. Be the love you follow.

Without baggage, you would be love before you and after you. You wouldn't be without it. You would never abandon it. You would drop it off everywhere, and you would take it with you everywhere. With love, you can do anything.

Love would be like a glue gun you take with you. Wherever anyone is apart from another, your glue gun of love would unite them. Where hearts were split, you would put them together. Anyone in your presence would be united in your presence. Those who were lost would find themselves in your presence. In the Presence of Love. They would not have to know that the love emanated from you. They just have to receive the love, and their heartache would vanish. Their thank you to you would be the disappearance of their heartache. That would be enough for you. That's all you would want.

You wouldn't mind being without credit. You would know that the credit is not yours, and you wouldn't need it anyway. You have something better, and that is love. When you are filled with love, what kind of credit would you want or even consider? From fullness of love, you can only give fullness of love.

When your cup is overflowing, what would you even imagine that you need?

Of , all you need now is to give out this overflowing love of Mine, and so your love flows, and so your love stays fresh, and so the world is filled with marvelous love. What a joy that is to see. Be love, give love, and see love. What else would you ever want to do?

Certainly, you would never ever want to make a fuss again. On what basis? Poor customer service? You would be the service giver, and every frazzled heart can only melt in the presence of love issuing from you.

Of course, We are talking about love given inconspicuously. We are not talking about a big production. Strong silent love is good. Love needs no drums coming before it or majorettes. Simple love is enough. You are not an advertiser of love. You are love.

Love needs no instruction, no tutoring, no lists. Love just needs to be, and all will be taken care of.

Love will end all wars. Nothing else will. A simple universal state of love will make the concept of forgotten. Who would ever want when occupied with love? Who in the world will need more than love when his heart is full of love and he naturally wants to give it? And who would not want to receive My love when you give My love without attachment?

Do not underestimate love, this generic love that asks for nothing but to give itself without fanfare, to give itself without effort, to give itself naturally, for love wants to blossom out all over and overtake the world and give it the peace that surpasseth all understanding, simple, natural, breathable love.

Here, I give you all My love today so that where there is not love or love enough, you will give it, and where there is war, love from you, no matter at what distance, will bring peace that will cover the world like clover.

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