God said:

My is warm, and My flows. It melts all in its path. What obstacles to My love can exist when My love is all?

Yet, My children perceive obstacles, and perception might as well be true when it is thought so.

Any obstacles to love are manmade. They are a mirage, and, yet, mirages are believed in.

Believe in love, and you will be making love true for the world.

I am speaking of not speculation. I am speaking of and not falsehood. A may be true in that you hold it, and yet it may well be a false .

Belief in failure, belief in victimhood, belief in powerlessness, belief in death, belief in unworthiness — these are all false beliefs. These come from not knowing yourself as I know you, and, therefore, as you are.

A lily of the valley is small, and yet a lily of the valley knows how beautiful it is. What a lily of the valley can do, you can do. A lily of the valley never has to learn its worth. It always knew its beauty, and so you can learn from the lilies of the valley and all the lilies of the field. You can learn right now. There is no waiting period. Anyway, you have waited long enough.

It does not take great to know the Truth I give you. With less , you will know more easily, for and pride in interfere. Look at Truth with your eyes wide-open and not through half-lidded eyes that are certain they have seen all there is to know.

It is possible to also say that the more you think you know, the more you have to learn. Be wary of . Let go.

Of course, you cannot simply by dint of will change one iota of belief. You have to see differently. You have to believe in Truth because now you see things differently. A change in perception is made, and then belief naturally follows. Belief does not come first. It comes second. Belief is the cart before the horse.

And, of course, better than believing is knowing. Knowing comes from first-hand experience or from deep intuition, and intuition is first-hand experience. It certainly isn't second-hand. You can know Truth from the recesses of your heart. Let Truth come to you. It's all right to let old beliefs go. Let them go out the window. Let them leap off a cliff. Old beliefs are done. Thank them for what they gave to you, and give them a fond farewell.

Old beliefs have been long-lasting. New beliefs backed by Truth will be Eternal and Infinite, far more than long-lasting entrenched held-onto beliefs that you are afraid to let go of. Sometimes you believe because you have believed.

At one time, the world was believed flat. It mattered not to the world whether you saw it as flat or round or square. The world was as it was. It mattered to you what you believed. There were discussions, even fights over the shape of the Earth. The discussions and fights made no difference to the shape of the world. The literal shape of world was the shape of world regardless of what was thought.

When it comes to the shape of the world in the sense of what your beliefs affect, such as commerce, good will, unity, relationships, good-heartedness, what you think does make a difference. If you think you are noble to be selfish and set yourself above others, you affect the world's happiness. If you mistake humility for worthlessness and go around proclaiming, if only to yourself, your lack of worth, you pull life in the world down. There is nothing you can do or think that does not pull the world up or down according to your thoughts which follow your beliefs.

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