God said:

There is nothing you have to do but to be true to Me. Yet what does this mean, you wonder, and you really aren't sure, not exactly sure or clearly unsure.

It means that you are in your , yet what that means you are also not exactly clear on either.

Beloveds, it means that you follow your star. To thine own self be true. Do not tell lies to yourself. Do not sell yourself short. Be loyal to yourself. Do not mistake tin for gold. This is being in your Truth.

To kid yourself is lack of integrity. To cover up yourself is lack of integrity. Denying your own Self and your own Truth is lack of integrity. Denial or disregard do not ground you. They unground you. The world may tell you that compromise keeps your feet on the ground. There are things to compromise about, yet your integrity is not one of them.

Every time you deny yourself, deny yourself your own Truth, you nip away at your , and you feel it. You can ignore this, you can push this away from your awareness, and yet your sense of is diminished.

When you cheat in some way, no how little, no how much everyone is doing it, you cut away a piece of your heart. Your heart knows Truth.

Nor is my advice here to make you critical of what others do. You are not to point a finger in accusation at other's actions nor are you to model after others as if their misdemeanors are justification for yours. That everyone does whatever it is they do is not justification for you. What is right for you? What does your heart want and yearn for?

To pretend you love something or someone is not right for you. To become something for the money alone is not right for you. Better to find your course in life. Better to be a happy craftsman than a learned statesman. Better to follow your heart.

Of course, first you have to know your heart. It's all right to have some first starts and then divert from them. You are finding out. You are discovering who you are. You are not being irresponsible. You are being responsible to your Truth. You keep coming closer to it.

It is not that you become a paragon of virtue. You don't care about that. You are a simple human being trying to find his way in the world and in . In a sense, you are on a dual path while you are on Earth. While you are on Earth, you cannot forsake one for the other. If you must add up numbers to support your family, you add up numbers. And if you must climb a mountain, you climb it. And if you find yourself desiring to spend more time with Me, you can do it even while you are adding up numbers or climbing a mountain.

You can befriend yourself whatever you are involved in. And you can befriend others.

It is a simple thing to be in your integrity, beloveds, even when you are not sure of all that it entails. It is a simple thing to walk down the road and serve Me in simple ways.

You are never without your Divinity. You are never without your humanness so long as you are in a human body. It is not true that the twain will never meet. The twain are meeting all the time. This is what you deal with in life in the world.

But do not think that the Divine is all abstract. Not at all. You are living it every day.

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