God said:

Know that it is all right to feel sad. Sadness, too, is a part of life. It is the passage of time you mourn. You mourn the tick-tock of time. So long as time is the fiction of your life, sadness will be.

If you could fathom time as the continuum you are on, if you could fathom time as timeless, if you could fathom that there is no passage of time, no increments to it, no past, no future, only a beautiful valley of no time at all, sadness would not be rife in your life.

What would there be to be sad about? Nothing would be gone. All would be present.

You would know there is no death. You would know that there is only life. It is not even that life would be perpetual because perpetuity signifies a possible sequence. There is no sequence, beloveds. Life is all at once.

Just as I am Oneness, there is nothing but Oneness. Time is separateness. Time is elusive. Timelessness is .

Time opens up the idea of and lostness. Nothing is ever lost. Only in the morass of time can even the concept of exist. Time slips away. Time catches up to you. Time taps you on the shoulder. Time drums the concept of absence into you. Time keeps you in its thrall. Time bundles your life. Time ties a knot around your life, and time throws it away.

If you could know, really know, that no one and nothing is ever lost, not at a loss. Loss, like time, is a myth perpetuated upon you. It is a myth, yet a deeply accepted myth. A myth accepted is acted on as if true. It might as well be true.

You presently live on in the dimensions of space and time. The Truth is that there are no dimensions. There is no size. There is no distance. Clocks are arbitrary. When All is Oneness, where can time and space exist? They exist not.

The physical depends upon time and space for its existence. The physical is naturally important to you, and so you count time and space as material to your existence. Nevertheless, you exist out of time and space. And yet you call life outside of time and space as existencelessness. You call it death, or you call it pre-birth, or you call it finality.

When time does not star in life, there can be no finality. There is no end to anything but the configurations of time and space that you have so well believed in and held onto for dear life.

Life is irrespective of time and space. Only in time and space can you conceive of yourself as loveless or anything of the kind. Love is truly dimensionless. You think you live in a dimensioned world with all of its science and fact whereas, in Truth, you are Eternal Infinite Love. You figure rightly that I am not shaped into a form. You do know that I, God, am boundless. You have an idea of . You are . For a time, in the myth of time, you live in a form, and you call that life, as you live in a form. Yet a form has no life unless there is in it, yet is infinite and eternal. No wonder you feel stifled in a human . Physical breathing is not the breath of you. You are irrespective of breath, pulse, blood pressure and so on. Atoms are atoms. Spirit is Spirit. You are way beyond atoms and time and space. You are love seeded on Earth. You are My love seeded on Earth. Enjoy this temporary life on Earth and know that there is nothing temporary about you. You are not your . You are not your . You are not your .

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