December 12, 2011

God said:

Get out of the arena of problems. Have you not been sailing that sea? Do you have your course set for problems?

Do you greet your with: "What are you going to get me into today? What hurdle are you going to cause me? Why must you always be harassing me?"

Is that really how you want to begin your day?

Consider your computer like a loving dog of yours. Be happy to see it in the morning. Give it hugs mentally and pet it. "Good boy. Good boy." Or "Good girl. Good girl."

Do you wake up in the morning and think: "What kind of stress is today going to bring me? I just want to get back to sleep. Another day, another dollar."

If your thoughts predict your day, what kind of day are you predicting?

Fool your day today. Trick it. Anticipate it in a friendly way.

Why should your computer or your day be friendly to you when you look at it so crossly?

Am I guaranteeing you a wonderful day? I guarantee that you will feel better whatever befalls. out right, beloveds. Don't your day out wrong.

Stop predicting predicaments. Predict good will. Be of good cheer. Let your thoughts predict a line of wonderment. At the very least, you will give yourself some .

Do not think of your day as penance or a sentence to disappointment. Appoint your day. Appoint it welcome. Pat your day on the head and say: "Good day, good day. Very very good day. Thank you."

Give a thought or two to Me. Invite Me to come along with you today. Give Me a ride in your car or a seat on the bus next to you.

Your mood draws a color to your day. Dark mood? Dark day. Bright sun? Bright day. Make your day beloved. Have a beloved day. Make this a day of celebration.

Consider today to be a walk through the park. Make it easy for today to be your day. This is your day, after all. It is a that has come for you. Be Cinderella today on her way to the ball. Consider your day with alacrity. Zoom up to your day, ready and willing. Hop in. Let the of your day get going. You are going to a ball. You are going to a wonderful place. Light up your life, beloveds, by lighting up today. Today only is your project. One day at time.

Make your day a good day. Give it a good name. What will you name your day today?

Here are some names I suggest: Happy day. Good-natured day. Promised day. Willing day. Joyful day. Enlivening day. Fun day.

Certainly, you are not going to call your day: Day of Reckoning or Mistake after Mistake Day. You can do better than that. Certainly not: "Worst day."

If the day is your beloved pet, lure it with treats. "Here, good day, here is something you like. Here's a biscuit. Here's a bone. Here's a bonus for you. Let's take a walk together or go for a ride together. Let's get to work and roll up our sleeves together. And when the work day is over, let's go and carry joy with us, and hand it out when we get . Let going be going to a party."

Open your front door and make yourself welcome.

The whole world is your home. You live in it. How you live in it is up to you. What you carry with you is up to you. Take off your coat. Come sit down. Put your feet up. Now have a good evening.