28 December 2011

Channeler: hilarion


Inner Motion.

Inner motion is the Key.

There is an aspect of the nature of a human being, even not in human form, that seems to require “ Inner Motion” as a support for clear awareness to occur.

Sitting or floating stationary within is what we call vacuity, and does not generally support clear awareness.

Sitting or floating or moving with “Inner Motion” supports a clear awareness field.

We do not seek to interrupt the flow of vibration but rather to embrace it and to find ourselves within this vibration and life.

We speak of inner realities, not the superficialities of form.

It is irrelevant to us whether you sit, stand, run, or float.

It is irrelevant to us where you focus.

It is relevant to our care and interest in you that you understand that we are speaking of inner openness to the flow and vibration of all that you are, all that life is, and in this way you will find your oneness in a creation that is always in vibratory motion.


Heart and Hara.

I would like to speak on the “Intent of the Heart”.

A mystic said, and I say, “If you cut me in two and I can see myself, I will know myself”.

I will know myself, and the heart of my being.

Then it is only from here that I could or would act.

It is from only the heart of my being that I could or would see.

Non-attachment does not mean not feeling or feeling nothing.
It means being free to feel anything and everything, with no restrictions, no resistances, no fleeing, no distorting, in other words to see and feel clearly.

We held the Hara Point because it was a strong point to hold which supported the Kundalini and consciousness in rising up and spreading through us.

In this way our awareness rose.

It did require an intense amount of energy to keep holding that point.

Heart is where the heart is, and your true heart is always in the heart of you, and we are never afraid to go there within, or to journey from that place, our core, although it is a little different from the norm.

You understand that we see the heart of who you are as much deeper within than from chakras, , or your .

You emerge from the Cosmic Heart.

It is your birthright.

And truly, every particle of you emerges from here.

This is the truth!

The Heart of You

It is from there, the Heart of who You are, where is located what we call the well or pool of sacred compassion.

The place within where you touch the cosmic everything and the reaction that spreads within your being brings the most sacred compassion, understanding, but not pity, over all the planet.

My point is there are many ways, many paths to the inner heart of life.

We always allow ourselves to be guided by intent and results, never by methods.

They are simply tools, and all people practicing the same approaches will often get different results.

Likewise, often people who practice different methods will get the same results.

One must hear and follow Their Path to the Cosmic Heart within them and thus all things and all beings.

We bless you.

We honor you.

We honor the impulse within you to attain and to know more of who and what you are.

Hui Neng

through hilarion
December 27, 2011