Message from the Creator
Channeled by:
December 14, 2011

So many of my dear children are rushing in the fever of the season and . I ask of you to not rush so much, enjoy the adventures of selecting the perfect for those who are buying for, so that it comes from the rather than a mere quick thought. When you gift, you are giving of yourself also, not just the item you have chosen.

The merriment I see around the globe is warming to my heart. Yet I see there are still some dear children that find it difficult to find merriment in anything. I encourage each of my children to make time to send your purest to your many brothers and sisters that struggle through the Christmas holiday. Light a candle, manifesting, and wishing them peace in their hearts. The request I ask is very small, selfless and meaningful. Christmas spirit is not about the fancy packaging or pricey gifts; it’s about giving of and KINDNESS without looking for anything in return. There are more and more of you becoming foster parents to children from other countries; I commend all that do this as you are giving these children a chance they would not likely get without your help. I know many of children are unable to give financially this way. And that is OKAY. By giving of your and of your light, you are still GIVING.

Each of you move within your own will, or by choices presented to you. When you move through your day and daily challenges; the choices made is done freely as you have been given FREE WILL. This WILL is not only spiritual, but affects your physical life. YOU are in control of where you are going, no matter if it’s just down the street. FREE WILL is your freedom to choose from the highest of good at the time you are presented with a choice. It is imperative to choose as wisely as possible and being open minded to the possibility that even choosing the best possible choice might still come out array. You are learning as you go; hands on experience not just for your personal life but for your spiritual journey as well. The curves you take will at times come quite easy and other times you will be required to show your determination to succeed.

Dearest children I ask of you to be less hard on yourself and see yourself for the good and hard work you have accomplished. The goals you have reached took a great deal of effort. Do not shrug this off, congratulate yourself. The challenges that are in front of you are helping to carve out an even more wondrous being of light that gives unconditionally of their love and compassion. It’s okay to be proud of the knowledge you have gained from the vast insight your guides have shown you from their support, love and guidance. Being appreciative of your achievements will not feed the Ego as long as you are doing the praising from the highest of INTENT. Instead, you will increase and self-love which in turn will be used to love others.

You are always constantly sharing and growing. Your growth is like that of your children {if you have young ones}, it never ends. If you are finding you are in a state of monotony, call upon your guides, or angels to show you what else you can delve into to gain more wisdom that will further you along your spiritual journey that will also enhance your personal life. Accessing information that leads to further knowledge is never-ending; and that has always been the way.

Be at peace children with all that you are as often as possible. This inner peace will aid in comforting and calming you even during the most undesirable of times. Ask the angels that are with you to uplift you with encouraging light if you are feeling a little low. They are very eager to help you, you only need to ask. There are three Cs that I LOVE; Calm, Cool and Collected. These three I have taught into this one many years ago and she has instilled them into her very core and teaches them to others when they are experiencing high anxiety. The more you practice by finding means that help that is meant for you, the more effective these words will become.

Besides the Christmas season within the December month, many of my children celebrate another important date; . This is very beautiful time, even during the colder places of the Earth. has become a popular ceremonial event that brings many children together from diverse cultures, sharing a special moment that is joined with the Goddess of the moon. The month of December is filled with so much warmth, love and . You are embarking on a new year, filled with so many new possibilities. Go into the new year without any expectations or any emotional attachments; but with and that is guided by the purity of your hearts my children.

I AM with each of you each and everyday. Sometimes I hold your hand, touch your face, and sit with you; I AM there. Some of you know this, and even if you are unaware, know in your heart and BELIEVE you are incredibly special and loved so much.

Take the time to love YOU as .

The Creator through Julie Miller