Message from , Lady
Channeled by:
December 16, 2011

Oh Blessed Hearts, I have heard your pleas, and your call to be heard and for solace. My own pours out to you with unlimited and Love over the many struggles you have endured and still working through. During the course of your hardest struggles, many come to thinking that they have been left by us of the Divine and by their blessed Father God. This is not so. I do know it is very difficult for some to feel us near. There have been many days and nights which I have held you in my own arms, trying to comfort your crying . Your Father God has shone his merciful light and unmistakable love onto you whenever you have called out his name for Divine Guidance. Even though the journey you are on has been difficult, each step has been blessed with precious guidance, love and support by many of your own spirit guides, Master, and Angels. We wish so much to be able to step into your world and ‘make’ things happen. Part of your journey precious hearts is finding your way by the choices you make. Yes, dear children you will always be guided, yet it is up to you which way to choose. And I urge you to choose which would give you the best possible outcome, do not rush into any decision if you can help it. Within each of you is great . At the time of making a choice that will effect not only your own personal life but others that forever linked with you. Reach precious hearts and listen to the of your . It will never lead you astray or cause you to think twice. You will know.

Each step you take on your spiritual journey, leads you further along to your own ONENESS. There is no rule book, or timetable to refer to. Your journey is based on YOU, and what resonates with you at each and every instance. During the course of the miraculous journey you will learn what it means to really love. To love purely from the heart is to love without emotion. This can be a difficult concept for some precious hearts. Many feel if they have no emotion, they cannot love purely. When working from your heart, your Ego cannot influence your decision as you are basing your choices that are from the highest of good that is Unconditionally Love based. When you love without your emotions being involved, your love will come from deep within; from your very . No attached emotions reach this depth of purity. Loving from your is the greatest gift you can give not only to yourself but to others.

Through the deepest love that resides within your heart, body and soul you will discover the need to be forgiving. It will overwhelm you. Suddenly you will receive prompting from your guides, or even your own intuition. Every time you are able to forgive yourself and for others of wrong doing, you are letting in even more love and light. Your body is an incredible sponge for light and for love precious hearts.

I will commend you know for the hard effort you have demonstrated time and again. You have learned that everyone, no matter if they have done wrong; deserves to be shown compassion. By showing unconditional compassion and love to those dear hearts that have struggled through life, making poor choices, possibly causing harm to others; you are healing them. This healing will not be done overnight, but in succession. And you precious hearts will feel an abundant feeling of joy from this act of pure goodness.

If any of you have read some of my history, you will see I too have struggled in my time. I believed from the beginning that I had a purpose that was Divine. I do understand what struggle and effort means. When you are feeling in dire straits, do not hesitate precious hearts to invoke my presence. I will comfort you, and guide you to possible solutions that are suited for your situation that is causing the grief. There are many remarkable blessings you witness every day. We could create a delightful list but I will include a few and you dears can think of your own. Each waking day is a blessing; it gives opportunity for Hope, change and growth. It warms my heart when I see a dear infant laughing deliriously; this also is a blessing. Every time you learn something new no matter what the NEW is, is a blessing as you adding to the great wisdom that is within you. As you see from my examples, blessings come to you in many ways and most of them are quiet, sweet and gentle.

I appreciate the time we have had today precious hearts. Continue giving love, compassion that is always UNCONDITIONAL. You are continuously changing and growing both spiritually and personally. Be KIND to yourself precious hearts, your own self-kindness will further you along your path and lighting the way for others. When you are being kind to yourself, you will also be just as kind to others.

Be at peace with yourself precious hearts and believe in yourself and in the many precious beings that also love you.


Ascended Master, Lady Kwan Yin through Julie Miller