Message from Ascended Master, Lady
Channeled by:
December 05, 2011

A new year is almost upon you, giving time reflect on the year you are leaving. Look at all that you have overcome, and see that you have accomplished so much. Your is not over yet, but what you have become so far is incredible. Congratulate yourself for all the hard work and effort you have put into your journey into spiritual enlightenment and endeavours for inner peace.

Temptations have always been part of your challenge; they are your tests precious . There are no pass or fail to us of the Divine. It is you that determine how well you do. When you have succumbed to a temptation or something you have been trying to avoid; please understand that all &;sins’ can be forgiven. You only need to begin to forgive yourself first and foremost. When you are ready to forgive yourself, you will grow and give yourself new HOPE to do better. And you will always do better because you are gaining so much wisdom that will help not only yourself but others in similar predicaments.

When you have HOPE you can learn to overcome these temptations that cross your path, you will build a resistance that will be impenetrable. The Flame I carry is a Silvery Blue flame of pure energies of the Source bringing you encouragement and further HOPE when you call for it. Another very useful and healing flame is the Violet Flame. You can use both flames in part of your purification and transformation process. Asking the Violet flame to burn away and recycle any negativity while asking the Silvery Blue flame to aid you in uplifting energies that will inspire HOPE and rekindle FAITH.

I do understand. It can be incredibly difficult to always maintain PERFECT strength and serenity. You will have your ups and your downs and you will find coping strategies that are suited just for you. When you are going through a tough moment, it is important to find some quality time just for yourself. Take a moment to regroup and ground yourself and dig within to learn what is causing the upset. Sometimes all it takes is a slight off hand remark, or an image seen somewhere, or overheard conversation. Remember precious hearts who you are and how far you have come. Your journey has not always been easy, but you are still here showing your strength and your courage. You have developed ferocious staying power and drive. Through your tenacity that comes from deep within your being is your WILL to survive. YOU are TOUGH! I am proud of you, each and every one of you. No one’s story is more special or more wrenching, each of you has crossed so much and all are valid and worthy. If you choose to tell your story, tell with pride, as there is no room for shame. Shame does not come into play precious hearts. You have done nothing shameful and if you think you have, change your thinking to have a more positive approach. I will not shame you, nor will the Source, who some call God or the Creator. Learn to love yourself precious hearts, see yourself in the beautiful breathtaking light that I see you as. Forgive your past regressions and allow yourself to heal and move on. There is so much more waiting for you to discover. If you let me, I will guide you and heal you with my loving silvery blue flame. After all, you are God’s children, each of you; and you deserve such open and unconditional love and brilliant light that is purely Divine.

The love that is shining from your heart precious ones will illuminate any dark corner you may stumble in. This is because your light is filled with PURE love. Love is always the way and the answer. Many advise and so do I, listen to your heart and listen for the answer that is filled with love. The questions you have for yourself, you already have the answers as soon as you ask. You will pick up on this and learn to hear without actually hearing; what is called, ‘knowing’. Your intuition is based on this ‘knowing’ and it will become stronger as you become more confident. The PURE love you have for yourself will help you discover this confidence and new inner faith. The world really is your oyster, you only need to move forward in a positive direction and light and continue on the journey you are on to the united Oneness of your own self and with God.

And yes along the way to this Oneness there will be a few stumbling blocks and they are to further your personal and spiritual growth. Accept them openly and with eagerness and that will propel yourself further because of the positive attitude you chose when accepting the current challenge. It is okay to ask for support from the angels, your guides and loved ones who have passed on that have still maintained warm contact with you. They want to help you and see you succeed. All you need to do is ask precious hearts.

And I know asking for help can be the hardest lesson of all. There comes a time precious hearts when going it alone isn’t going to work for you. Working with another or a group will bring you peace of mind, peace and harmony. There are many generous people that are available to help you. They may not be able to provide you with monetary means, but they will be able to give you a shoulder to cry on, or lend their ear when you need to cry or simply vent. They offer their assistance because they can. YOU are not a burden, but a blessing. Allowing another to help you helps them and you both. A beautiful union precious hearts in the making as long as you can allow yourself to seek and accept the help.

Take care of your body, mind and spirit precious hearts. I care for all of you and love you ever so deeply.

Namaste, Lady Magda through Julie Miller