Yesterday, Sterling Allan had the opportunity to conduct an hour long interview with the maker of the documentary, . During the conversation, many topics were discussed including free energy, the issues facing our society, and the future path of humanity — either towards a utopia or a collapse.

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On December 8, Sterling
Allan conducted an
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Free Energy Now series.

Foster Gamble, left

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Foster Gamble is the maker of a documentary named, "Thrive – What on Earth will it Take?" which covers several important topics such as the emergence of , how extraterrestrial intelligences are trying to communicate with humanity, the problems with the financial system, and the challenges we are facing as a civilization. For those who want to learn more about the documentary, additional details can be obtained at the website. 

On December 8th, 2011, Sterling Allan had the opportunity to conduct an hour long interview with Foster. During the interview, many interesting subjects were discussed that should be of interest to PESN readers.

Early on in the interview, it was made clear that Foster is not an inventor himself, but has been a long time, informal student of physics, geometry, and cosmology. His interests in these subjects led him to meeting many people who were involved in the development of exotic technologies. He claims to have seen many intriguing technologies, some of which he cannot discuss due to being under NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). 

Sterling Allan mentioned how five years ago, he got a "bug" of wanting to do a documentary about free energy technology. The documentary would include information about the history of such technologies, the suppression that has been experienced by inventors, and that would feature the most exciting technologies about to enter the market. However, he realized that making such a documentary would be a huge undertaking, for many reasons. One such reason is that a technology that may seem close to emerging into the marketplace now might not be in such a position six months in the future. A documentary could end up being out of date very quickly, and have to be updated frequently. 

Sterling praised Foster for composing a successful documentary, despite how challenging it can be to make one. Foster responded by saying he is very familiar with PESN, and how Sterling does great work. He stated that in some ways a website can be as effective (or even more so) than a documentary, because it can be frequently updated. According to him, PESN does a great job of being both very open-minded and critical at the same time. We do not try to promote a belief system, but simply try to present the latest news on exotic free energy technologies.

He also liked the term "pure" used in the name "Pure Energy Systems Network", because the technologies he is advocating are "pure" — in that they do not blow up, emit radioactivity, produce pollution, etc. The energy technologies that are going to save our civilization are not going to be environmentally destructive. 

As the interview continued, Foster discussed a few of the technologies he is aware of, but in fairly vague terms — probably due to his NDAs. Some of them utilize magnets, and the push and pull of magnetic fields. Others technologies he is aware of utilize magnets that interact with the magnetic fields that are already around us, such as perhaps the magnetic of the Earth. In addition, he is aware of technologies that use "implosion" and water electrolysis.

Foster mentioned cold fusion technology, but quickly went on to discuss technologies that are trying to tap into radiant energy. He described these technologies as trying to access the longitudinal aspect of electricity, instead of only the transverse aspects we see with an oscilloscope. Finally, he mentioned solid state technologies, which seem to be actually operating on the principle of creating a mini black hole. Instead of energies spiraling outwards, they are spiraling inwards. These technologies tap energy like a windmill would gain energy from the wind, or a solar panel would absorb energy from sunlight. 

According to Foster, he thinks that the entire is filled with energy. One term for this energy might be the "general active force." This is the other side of traditional radiation (the longitudinal aspect) that could represent force. By utilizing technologies that tap into this force, we are working with nature instead of against it.

source: Brian Mallon; Nov. 27, 2011 The concept of the toroid was discussed, which was featured in the film. Sterling mentioned receiving an email recently that showed a microscopic image of water during cavitation, and it was arranged in a perfect toroid as shown in Foster's film. Foster mentions how he has seen high speed video footage of implosions in water. At the center of these implosions you can see a blue spark, in the form of a perfect toroidal field. 

As the interview progressed, Sterling started speaking about how he feels exotic energy technologies may not have emerged in the past because our civilization may not have been ready for them. However, society is about to crash, and it is going to take these technologies to prevent humanity from destroying itself. He also described how we are going from an age of control (Pisces) to a new start with the age of individual empowerment (Aquarius). 

The police state was discussed, and how the governments of the world are attempting to control the population of the planet. Free energy is a technology that could thwart their plans. Perhaps this is why there is so much suppression of

Foster mentioned that he knows of several inventors who have had their work suppressed. He went so far to say that he has friends who have had their lives threatened, their lab doors busted down, and were raided by the FBI. They were then placed under gag orders, and were not allowed to talk about their technologies. He also mentioned how he was told that Gene Mallove of cold fusion fame was scheduled to go on AM with the next day — to reveal an important cold fusion discovery — before he was murdered. Interestingly, the Enterprise Mission website has a transcript of the Coast to Coast program in which it was announced he had been murdered. During the show, Richard Hoagland revealed some fascinating information about what was taking place at the time, including meetings with congressmen, emerging technologies, and DOD involvement in cold fusion. 

One of the issues Sterling brought up in the interview, was how the alternative media websites (like Infowars, Rense, Coast to Coast, etc), woefully inadequate time to exotic free energy technologies. (Link) The fact is that all of the issues the alternative media addresses are linked to alternative energy, because exotic new energy technologies can literally shift power away from the elite, and give it back to the people. Exotic energy technologies have the capacity to help win the war against big brother and big government; and alternative need to realize this!

Many other topics were discussed in the interview as well, ranging from crop circles, the interconnectedness of the universe, the 9-11 conspiracy, black swan events, and how people need to organize together to demand for exotic energy technologies to be utilized. Foster said that quite a few people in the movement are interested in free energy.

Foster mentioned that he is getting thousands of letters from around the world from people who are interested in helping promote such technologies. In terms of traffic, about half a million people have watched the Thrive documentary, and their website is getting about 30,000 hits a day, with the number constantly increasing.

When asked what his top five list of exotic energy technologies would be, Foster stated that in his opinion, Sterling is more qualified than himself to make such a list.

One of the last issues to be discussed was "escape velocity." This is the idea that there are so many different technologies now emerging (with multiple competitors in each field), that not all of them can be suppressed. Foster agreed that it seems the time is right for these technologies to emerge. It seems like people's belief systems are changing, and more people are waking up to the idea to what terms like perpetual motion and free energy really mean. For example, free energy technologies are not closed systems, but open systems. The energy to power these systems are coming in from elsewhere. 

It was mentioned in the interview that the second law of thermodynamics is not being violated with free energy systems, because the anomalous energy is coming in from outside the system. We may not exactly understand where the energy is coming from, but energy is not being created from nowhere — even if that might appear to be the case. Instead, energy is being harvested from the wheel works of nature, or perhaps the field of energy that fills all of space itself. Also, perpetual motion devices are not really perpetual, because they can break down and have failures like any product. 

Although it was a tiny bit lite on technical information, the interview was interesting, and is very much worth listening to. I think anyone interested in free energy technology should listen to it. The most encouraging aspect of the interview, in my opinion, is how more and more people are getting on board the exotic energy movement. With enough of us working together, the powers that be will not have the capacity to stop these technologies from emerging, and entering the marketplace.  

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