~ letting go and landing in love..~


for many of us now we find ourselves

to be in a space of choosing to honor

our hearts deepest desires….our hearts

are calling to us to love our so grandly

that we are willing to choose  and listen to the calling

of the

the old ways of being and existing will

no longer feel comfortable and the desire

for freedom and unlimitedness

is what is calling within each and every ONE..


.many of us are being asked

to leave behind what we have held onto for so long

out of fear…

fear of survival….fear of loss…fear of not enough…


as we have been on this journey now of remembering

what it is to truly live within the heart

we find that there is no other

it is the choiceless choice…


~love of Self ~


To be "willing" to jump is all that love

would ask of us…to be willing to stand

at the edge of the cliff

and choose what feels harmonious with

our soul and be willing to walk thru any fear

is to step into our true Selves…


We are grand beings of love…we have been

"shrunk" by the beliefs we have held onto

for eons…these beliefs are being asked to

be looked at again…old beliefs about our self

and who we are and what we truly desire

are resurfacing and they are simply aspects

of ourself that we have hidden in the dark…

they are appearing now so we can love them

and thank them for the service and simply

let them go…


It is the moment to step into our true Power

which is the very power that lives within us..

as us…

it is the power of Love itself

filling our being with that which

we have for so long denied..


You can feel this power wanting to enter

and yet it needs "space" to …allow me

to say…       "move in"…

so the dislodging …the letting go

is allowing for that power to have a space

within you to enter…


this day…the of love calls to me

and asks each and everyone of us

to enter within and choose for that

voice…that part of us that is our True Self

is waiting patiently….ahhh…yes …always patiently

 for us to choose to allow it in and "be it"…

it is always waiting for your return…


calling us to own that which we are

~the thought of love in form~

once again..


we are so dearly loved that with

each jump there will be a bridge

already waiting for you…yes…the

bridge is already there…all we are

asked to do is  let go  and step onto it…


blessings and love…



~The Voice of Love~



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love yourself and be gentle…all is well…!!!