Message from
Channeled by:
December 15, 2011

A Year is approaching with quickening speed dear ones. The Year brings so much opportunity for for ALL people of the Earth. What is it you wish to of yourself? MAKE it happen. As the beloved has once said, “Be the change you want to see&;. Do not wait until someone has already made the accomplishment you desire so much. There is enough room for everyone’s wish of personal change to come into reality. You only need to really want to; your INTENT must be of the purest thought that will also increase ; not only for you but those around you. Make a small list of small, yet reachable goals and make them come into fruition. YOU have the power inside your to make all your goals become divinely real. Allow my guidance to become apparent and for thoughts of creativity and pure God-like way of actions and thoughts to come from me into your own minds. Ask for me and I will assist, guide, love and support – always.

So many of you have already begun making plans for the future and what wonderful plans they are. Give room in your plan making for errors and expectations not being met. Feelings and emotions are too easily drawn when emotional attachment to any proposed plan goes awry. Make your plans; dream big, but also dream without the of something “having” to work out. As you all know, the best made plans of action somehow does not always happen; or a detour came through and changed those plans; possibly extended them. Be open to such possibilities.

When a planned event gets changed or re-routed, it’s important dear ones to remain well rooted and calm. A new phrase is going around, “Life happens”. The more attachment you put on to an event that is ‘supposed’ to happen, the more disappointed you will feel when it does not happen as expected. A lot of hurt is resulted from these actions. Yes, I know it’s hard to not add an attachment or an expectation. Have faith dear ones, pure faith that is filled with so much love and Hope that all will work out. Speak onto the Universe and manifest what it is you want to have happen, and speak without the Ego present and speak from the purity of your heart.

I know there are many beautiful souls that are preparing to visit friends and families in the next few days. Please resist the urge to rush. Take your time, even if this means you arrive later than anticipated. Arrive to your destination not only with peace within your but within your body, giving others the sense of already-met harmony.

When you are moving through all the meandering parts of your spiritual path, take it slow and easy. Rushing will not get you the results any quicker, even though you may think otherwise. All rushing will accomplish is the lesson from the challenge not learned well, more mistakes made or missing important information from your guides and Lightworker peers. You will find areas of yourself, learned from your journey that will require you to take a second look. Understand that you have been existing within a duality existence. What you once thought was true, will require a deeper study to take notice of the change you have become. What you have thought to be true will show you, those ideas are no longer valid. When learning all the divine aspects of yourself, including characteristics you might not like of yourself, call for my assistance dear ones. I will illuminate you on your journey, guiding you towards your exit of any dark corridor you may have found yourself in.

Some of what you might learn of yourself from earlier teachings may have lingering negative residue from a passed event or situation. I will support you as you work through these difficult stages. Know and believe that you will not have to face these instances alone. My presence is warm; you will recognize me as you become more confident of my nearness. I will help you find the best positive outcomes from your worst disappointment. We will do this by addressing the disappointments with forgiveness. The forgiveness here would be for you to forgive yourself, forgive the person or persons involved and to forgive the situation. This will allow any blame onto yourself to be removed and to bring you to a healing conclusion. You are loving beings, and the path leading you to love others will have many challenges that will require great strength and courage. All that you require is already within reach dear ones. You know this. You have the answers to the questions you ask; learn to hear the answers come from within.

Make a point through your day to say something positively beautiful about yourself. Encourage light and high divine spirit to be always instilled into your everyday life. My love for each of you is eternally linked into the deepest depths of my hearts.

And so it is, Archangel Uriel through Julie Miller