2 December 2011

Channeler: 's Daughter of

As things activate around and within you, as you trust in yourself, in your abilities and in your soul mission more, things will happen.

Such as opportunities presenting themselves, encountering new people, uncovering new strengths and gifts and so son – all elements you strive for and look forward to.

Easy, feel-good and "fluffy" things if you will.

But some of the situations unfolding will make you weary, uneasy. In a way "external" events will occur that will test you in a way. Not as punishment. Far from it. But as a testament, a to the "new" you. Situations that will enable you to see what you are truly capable of. To show to yourself what you really are made of.

Like being temporarily removed from your safe, well-known and "well-lit" to be place in an milieu where density prevails, where the (both people and place) vibrates much lower and slower than you, and where "enlightenment" means, well, turning on physical lights.

Your upcoming Earthly holidays will be such a test for many of you. The holidays of your various spiritual/religious faiths promote great gatherings, and are also a great source of stress, mostly due to the prevailing consumerism and high expectations of happiness and joy not matter what surrounding these occasions. All these energies being reunited, often under the same roof and for a few days does tend to test everybody. And those of you who have gone through great change and transformations over the past year, including heightened sensitivities, may wonder how you will cope.

It will be the case for the , for the planned couple of days away have transformed into a week. You see, she will be dispatched to another town to to cover other people's holidays. The environment where she will be going is totally different than what she is used to, and she has been wondering (worrying to be exact) about how she will cope being surrounded by people 24-7 for about a week.

These people know nothing about her spiritual journey and the messages she posts here…

She went through a range of emotions: excitement about seeing her coworkers face to face; joy about getting some training; nervousness about the movements she has during ; anxiety about how she will handle being immersed in a stressed, fearful and slightly toxic workplace; wondering if she will be able to "act normal" for a week (smile)…

Most of you are well aware that you are more sensitive than before. And most of you have noticed that your reactions have changed, and that a lot of people have trouble understanding this new way of seeing the world and reacting to it.

It is one thing to be surrounded by low vibrations while shopping for groceries, where the only thing expected of you is to pay for your purchases when you are done. It is quite another when you must be highly productive and alert in such a draining environment.

Normally, when situations such as these present themselves to the Messengers, she tends to avoid them. She finds they are simply not worth it. Recuperation time from these events is just too long… The same thing happens to you when you only exercise once or twice a month and these sessions are quite intense. (We are just saying)

In this case, she absolutely has to go.

And this terrifies her – well, it did. We had "at talk" and she feels better.

We are sure you have made some "rearrangements" in your life as energies shift and you transform. For taking all this newness in while still having a foot in the old world can be very challenging at times.

You too have probably avoided certain situations that either no longer "mesh" with who you have become or that you find draining or challenging to be in.

The thing is, you have changed.

You have gained wisdom. You have acquired tools. You have spent time with yourself and gone within. You have learned your own way of protecting yourself, your space. You have drawn your boundaries and you do your best to guard the, and to respect that of others. You have learned how to centre, ground yourself. You have learned to tell what is yours and what belongs to others.

In other words, you are ready.

However, you remember how the old you reacted to similar situations.

But We ask you, how can you have proof that you have truly changed, that you have integrated all the "lessons" or work, that you have cleared what no longer serves you and processed the new energies or vibrations that now surround and envelop this planet if you only allow yourself to be in "positive" or easy situations?

So much work you will be called upon to do will involve people who are in fear, in denial, lost (for lack of going within and having a solely "external" life).

Wouldn't it be nice to gain confidence and certainty "on the field" while things are quiet?

We just want you to know that if you have been avoiding certain situations, there is a good chance they will be imposed on you in some way or another. Just be mindful of that possibility. It will simply make it easier for you to remain open, centered and calm if/when you are presented with such an obligation.

And remember, just because it may seem "dramatic" to you does not mean drama is present. You are simply more sensitive, and you will react more strongly to certain triggers.

Allow yourself to feel the fear/anxiety/worry and release it right away. It is a normal reaction, so allow yourself to feel, to acknowledge and then to let it go. There is no need to hold on to feelings that make you uncomfortable. These emotions are simply telling you that you need to prepare yourself, even if only mentally.

So prepare or plan. All the work that you have been doing has taught you many things. Go through you toolbox if you will and take out that you feel will help you. Make a list of what you can do in different circumstances – like an emergency plan – if that helps put your mind at ease.

The most important thing you can do is rest. Always taking care of yourself (getting enough sleep and meditation time; providing good nourishment to both your body and your spirit…) so you keep a strong footing when the unexpected occurs. It is always more challenging to see things clearly and objectively and have good reflexes when you are tired. Clear and ground yourself as often as you feel is needed.

And even if you feel outnumbered when you are in these trying/stressful situations, know that what you may lack in numbers, you possess in personal strength, knowingness and conviction.

It is time to see for yourself what living from the heart can truly do. You might be surprised by the positive response you will receive. It will give you a glimpse of you bright you can shine…

Know that you can always call upon ME () if you need support. We are only a thought away. All you need is intent when you call Our name.

You are ready. You are strong.

Trust in your light, and you will pass all the tests presented to you with flying colours!

You are so much stronger than you think.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.
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